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Curing the Autism Stats

January 30, 2012

Allopathic medicine has finally found a cure for Austim! Read and Weep!

No, it’s not what we’d hoped for. Instead, the American Psychiatric Association is introducing a new definition for Autism that will eliminate many cases overnight.

This new definition will downplay the stats of 1 in 100 kids suffering Autism but it definitely won’t cure the condition. Also troubling is that many people will no longer qualify for special assistance programs that have been developed for Autism and which parents have fought long and hard for.

Of course, my question is, why spend all this time and money redefining the condition? Why not start treating it with therapies that work.

Whether Autism is caused, triggered or worsened by antibiotics, vaccines, junk food diet, toxicity and stress, the following is a short summary of remedies that work to alleviate this condition.

1. Avoid sugar, wheat, dairy.
2. Detox with clay and magnesium baths.
3. Take supplements, Kids Calm Multi is especially formulated for autism and ADHD.
4. Exercise daily.
5. Use EFT tapping for emotional release.

You can see my recommendations below and you can read more in Autism Can Be Treated, a paper that I co-wrote.


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