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Get Off The Couch, Potato!

January 9, 2012

My friend Kathi Casey, the Baby Boomer Coach, has produced a fun book called Get Off The Couch, Potato! and I’m part of the bonus package that comes when you purchase the book. The book launches tomorrow, January 10, 2012 and I kick off a month long seminar series with Kathi on January 17.

Kathi’s book offers a 30-day fitness plan as the perfect solution for over-worked parents, television-addicted teens, out of shape Baby Boomers, and more. Already a classic, this little book will make you laugh and provide you with many tips and tools so you can take charge of your own health care – regardless of what Congress does!

Kathi includes everything you need for dropping that Holiday weight gain fast, along with hundreds of bonuses from today’s leaders in self help, mind body spirit, and social media that await you when you order your copy of Kathi Casey’s book “Get Off the Couch, Potato!” today!

Besides the seminar, I’m also giving away my How to Change Your Life With Magnesium as well as a special on my Completement Now! 2-year wellness program.

So, get off the couch and get with the Program.

Or while you’re still on the couch you can listen to my interview with Dr. Don Wagner on the Dr. Don Show: KAAA – 1230 AM and WYCD – 99.5. We talked about Irritable Bowel Syndrome and tried to figure out why allopathic medicine ignores the nutritional component of this condition.

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