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A Breast Cancer Message from Dr. Roby Mitchell

February 15, 2012

My friend, Dr. Roby Mitchell speaks out about Breast Cancer in a recent blog post.

He says:

“There have been two significant events that have made a measurable impact on decreasing the heretofore global increasing incidence of breast cancer. One was the publication of results from the Women’s Health Initiative, unequivocally linking conventional HRT-Premarin/Provera with not just breast cancer but also thromboembolic events such as MI, stroke, Alzheimer’s and colon cancer deaths (Roby’s mother) and a litany of other pathology.

This was not news but history for those of us who had been following the medical literature on this issue. As early as 1993, the mechanism of action for causing cancer with 17 beta equilin (estrogen from PREnant MAres uRINe) had already been elucidated by Judy Bolton and her group at the University of Illinois.

But Premarin was proven to be a class A carcinogen (chemicals that cause cancer by themselves-like asbestos) as soon as it was first prescribed back in the 1950’s when gynecology dupes started pushing it as a fountain of youth for women and a prostate cancer treatment for men. The women developed endometrial cancer and SO DID THE MEN!

The drug company’s solution to uterine cancer was to pair Premarin with a synthetic congener of the naturally occurring hormone progesterone. A methyl group was added to create a patentable chemical creating methyl progesterone-Provera. For the uterus, the synthetic progestin mitigated endometrial hyperplasia and dysplasia as the native hormone does. The opposite happened in the breast.

Shrewd marketing and finding academically credentialed gynecologists for sale, kept a lid on this boiling pot for over 50 years. When the WHI results were released, women got off Premarin/Provera and breast cancer incidence took a precipitous, unprecedented drop.

This same combo of a high potency estrogen and a synthetic progestin is also found in birth control pills.

The practice of giving Premarin to men was stopped but prostate cancer in men continues to be fueled by the hormonal effluent from women from the carcinogenic cocktail from birth control pills.

The next drop in breast cancer incidence came when women reduced their use of mammogram machines that cause breast trauma and deliver ionizing radiation: two known causes of breast cancer. Reduction in mammograms also had a reduction of breast cancer cases in its wake.

There was a group of doctors with the FDA that tried to go public with this information. You may have recently read about how the FDA tried to blackball them as they did David Graham M.D. when he blew the whistle on Vioxx (28,000 deaths before it was taken off the market).”

Thanks Roby. If you want Roby’s references for this post, email me and I’ll forward them to you.

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