Magnesium & The Menses

March 14, 2012

I have a lot to share about my two conferences in LA: The Health Freedom Convention and Natural Products Expo West. But I’m feeling magnesium blog withdrawal, so here’s an email from reader about her positive experience with magnesium.

“Hello Dr. Dean. I am using the Natural Calm supplement, to deal with stress but I had to work up to a full 2 tsp. dose over about 3 months because I am recovering from gluten issues and digestive problems. I split my dose in half, taking one teaspoon around lunch and another at night. But I’m going to follow your recommendation to split the doses up even further by putting the powder in my bottled water and sipping it throughout the day.

I just started my period, the first one since being on a full daily dose. But, I’ve been craving Calm the past two days, and I have been a little more irritable than normal the past few days. I took an extra teaspoon dose today and it wiped out my irritability in about 30 minutes.

Here’s my question. Is it OK to do this when you feel you need a little extra? I am also in the process of slowly withdrawing from Prozac after being on it for 18 years (since I was a teen) with my doctor’s help, and I am hoping that perhaps dosing with a little extra may help with that as well when I am feeling a little extra stressed.

Actually, it’s my experience with Calm that gave me the courage to talk to my doctor about trying to manage my depression nutritionally and he has been very supportive.

I told this young woman that during the monthly menses there is more “stress” and therefore more for magnesium to do. So it would make sense that the body uses more magnesium and therefore would benefit from another dose. I also said that if your body doesn’t need or doesn’t use the magnesium inside the cells, then it’s eliminated through the kidneys or the bowels. It’s a very safe supplement and doesn’t build up in the body.

She further said: “It really seems like the magnesium hits me with a wave of calm and relaxation shortly after I take it. Nothing has ever ratcheted my stress down so quickly and so dramatically as the magnesium. It is good to know I can take a little extra magnesium when I feel I need it.

Craving magnesium instead of chocolate before my period seems a little weird, but I guess my body really does need a little extra.”

Which gave me the opportunity to tell her that chocolate is VERY high in magnesium!

Carolyn Dean MD ND

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