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RnA Drops: It’s the RNA Not the DNA!

March 19, 2012

I’ve been accused of being 20 years ahead of my time but I don’t want to make you wait that long to find out the latest. For the past two years I’ve been working intently on an amazing project that began over 40 years ago. At that time I learned about a water purifier grown from grains and trapped inside a cement matrix. That’s Right! Science Fiction! Twenty-two years later I was given the formula by Joe Dun Sloan, the maker of the D-Cell. And now I’m ready to share one outcome of that project: RnA Drops. RnA Drops is a food substance that may be connected to what the Bible calls Shewbread but is also referred to as “The Bread of Life”, in association with “Living Water”. The people working on the RnA project first noticed their health and environment improving dramatically by just being close to the process. Then we had a test group try the RnA Drops. Everyone tasted something different, from Doritos to dirt; from tobacco to vinegar. It was bizarre. As we began offering the drops to more people, someone grew an inch, another person got rid of their genital herpes, diabetic blood sugars dropped, and several people had rapid recovery after near-fatal accidents. After a heart attack a man with 20% heart function says his heart is back to normal after a year of taking RnA Drops. Then there’s the skin application: ReNew. People claim their moles are falling off, wounds are healing rapidly, and signs of aging diminish. I won’t even talk about the “bliss effect” of these drops but you can hear and read that in the testimonials at RnADrops22. Another reason why I kept this project under wraps was because our inspiration for the project came from a Non-Physical source called iON. But, I figure, hey, everyone claims the world is coming off its hinges and everything is falling apart, so why not add some miracles to increase the chaos. iON maintains that RnA Drops give new information to our RNA affecting our DNA via an improved tuning function of Chromosome14, allowing the replication of perfect cells. Imagine a photocopier that’s duplicating a faded master copy and the toner is also running low. RnA Drops “replenish the toner” so that a new master copy can make refreshed, perfect cells. Yup, that’s quite a mouthful and hard to prove unless you do before and after DNA testing. But we may not have to wait too long for that. After all, paternity testing to find the baby-daddy is only $11.00 on Amazon.com! If RnA Drops sound like something you can see in your world, simply go to RnADrops22 and engage. You’ll find the testimonials out of this world. For more on iON go to How iONic and listen to hundreds of hours of archived radio shows (on the Here and Now Page) created by me and my husband of 42 years, Bob. Yes, that’s another secret I’ve been keeping from you. Two years of radio shows with iON and Bob.

Carolyn Dean MD ND

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