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Magnesium & Cancer

April 18, 2012

I’ve never blogged about this important topic but recently a reader asked if there was an association between cancer and magnesium. Here are four major points I made about magnesium and cancer in The Magnesium Miracle.

1. Dr. Mildred Seelig wrote Magnesium In Oncogenesis And In Anti-Cancer Treatment: Interaction With Minerals And Vitamins. She noted an important relationship between magnesium deficiency and cancer, which should have alerted the cancer establishment to do further research. But unfortunately it didn’t.

2. J. I. Rodale wrote a chapter on cancer and magnesium in his 1963 publication Magnesium: The Nutrient That Could Change Your Life. He quoted Dr. Delbet, a French doctor who felt that magnesium acts as a “brake” for cancer. Delbet also observed that as the body grows older it grows more deficient in magnesium, and with this loss in magnesium there is a decrease in vitality, resistance, and cell regeneration.

3. Drugs such as painkillers, diuretics, antibiotics, and cortisone, many of which are inappropriately used, further deplete magnesium and other minerals, allowing symptoms to get completely out of control. Surgery, malnutrition, third-degree burns, serious injuries, pancreatic inflammation, liver disease, malabsorption disorders, diabetes, hormonal imbalance, and cancer are all seriously stressful medical conditions requiring increased amounts of magnesium.

4. Research has shown that even the pain of cancer can respond to magnesium. Cancer sometimes metastasizes into nerve bundles located in the neck or lower back and may not respond to even the strongest analgesics such as morphine. There is a special receptor site called NMDA that is responsible for creating this type of nerve pain; magnesium helps block this receptor. In cases of severe pain, intravenous magnesium has shown very powerful analgesic effects.

Each day more research comes to light about the importance of magnesium and I don’t want anyone to miss out on the best way to take care of your health. So, please spread the word about magnesium. Tell your family and friends, blog, tweet and Facebook about it because it’s not a message that’s saleable on mainstream media! I’m a little bit miffed right now because I found out that the company that makes an accurate ionic magnesium testing electrode doesn’t promote its product…perhaps because it will upset the current status quo. I’ll have more on that in the future so I can enlist you to put pressure on this company to make this information and this testing available to the public.

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And, I wanted to thank a client of mine. A well known artist and writer in New Orleans for gifting her friends with a subscription to my online wellness program. What better way to honor your friends than by giving them the gift of health.

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