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The Calcium Lie

May 28, 2012

I recently did an Audio Interview for The Nutritional Magnesium Association (NMA) with Kathleen Barnes, coauthor of “The Calcium Lie”.

This interview has a very timely message since we’re now being warned that taking calcium supplements can double the risk of heart attack for women. Yes, that’s right…I did tell you so. You can google my name and calcium and find out why I hate this insoluble mineral.

While your at the NMA website, watch the video called A Look Inside the Cell which is about the importance of calcium magnesium balance. It’s on the same page as the Kathleen Barnes interview.

Then read the press release I wrote for the NMA in March 2012: High Calcium – Low Magnesium Consumption Poses Health Risk.

If you want to get maximized your magnesium intake from foods just beware of taking in too much oxalic acid. Here is an attack on green smoothies that explains the problem but unfortunately is designed for shock and awe.

I asked my foster-daughter, Shakaya Breeze to be the voice of reason in this debate. Shakaya said this warning against green smoothies isn’t a valid concern for people who are educated in the most nutritious foods on earth- greens and seaweeds. She said oxalates are higher in spinach than kale so she always recommends rotating greens (also for the micro amounts of toxic/poison/alkaloid that make our immune system stronger. For example, there are homeopathic amounts of arsenic in parsley and clover, and nicotine and opium in romaine lettuce.

Putting things into perspective, Shakaya also reminds us that there are far more oxalates in coffee and people drink way more coffee than green smoothies!

The Benefits of Green Smoothies:

1. Convenient- takes 3 minutes to make
2. Clean up is a breeze
3. Very economical- moreso than juicing
4. Easily digested nutrition
5. Easier than changing one’s diet, adding green smoothies helps people STOP craving junk food and they start craving greens and healthy food
6. Reverse low HCL because of deficiency in zinc and greens blended have absorbable zinc
7. Our digestive system is rested and heals on blended foods/greens with high nutrition

You can find out more about raw food and green smoothies and much more on Shakaya’s Earth Empress Website.

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