NaturalNews Healing Summit June 29, 30, July 1, 2012 - Dr. Carolyn Dean MD ND

NaturalNews Healing Summit June 29, 30, July 1, 2012

June 28, 2012

Mike Adams and his tremendous staff have pulled it off! They organized the NaturalNews Healing Summit in record time. NaturalNews just sent me the schedule for the Summit this weekend. So far, there are 19 participants in the 3-day summit. And I have bragging rights to being on Day One. LOL

Tune in to NaturalNewsRadio on Friday June 29, 2012 from 2pm EST.

The line up is as follows:

Day One: Friday June 29, 2012: Start time 2:00pm EST
2:00 Mike Adams
3:00 Liana Werner-Gray
4:00 Len Saputo
5:00 Dr. Coldwell
6:00 Mike Bundrant
7:00 Jon Rappoport
8:00 Dr. Carolyn Dean

Day Two: Saturday June 30, 2012: Start time 1:00pm EST
1:00 Anthony Gucciardi
2:00 Hyla Cass
3:00 Liam Scheff
4:00 Ed Group
5:00 Mary Tocco
6:00 Christopher Wark
7:00 Dr. Nicholas Gonzales

Day Three: Sunday July 1, 2012: Start time 1:00pm EST
1:00 KC Craichy
2:00 Lynnette Pate
3:00 Robert Scott Bell
4:00 Sayer Ji
5:00 G Edward Griffin

Here’s a mini magnesium story. A reader wrote: “Because of your work I now take Magnesium Citrate daily and can actually breathe through both nostrils… not just one. Thank you!”

And this is an update from a reader who has been using magnesium to wean herself off Prozac.

“I thought I’d give you a brief update. I made it down to 10 mg or Prozac (I was on 40 mg a year ago, before all this started) and started having muscle tremors again. The doctor helping me with the weaning process is pulling me off sooner than expected as a result. We’re jumping to 5 mg briefly for two weeks (to avoid shocking my brain too much) and then stopping. But so far I haven’t had any signs of withdrawal or return of the depression, so I’m not expecting much. If anything I’ve actually been getting better as I’ve been coming off the meds.”

I immediately advised her to take more magnesium. Your muscle tremors imply that you are not having enough magnesium.

She wrote back and said: “In the past, muscle tremors have indicated I was overmedicated on Prozac. I’ve been on some pretty high doses in the past. That’s the main reason we’re in such a hurry now to get off of it with tremors at such a low dose. But since you suggested more magnesium I googled Prozac and magnesium. I didn’t realize it could actually cause a magnesium deficiency, especially in women! It’s definitely worth upping the dose.

I can’t wait to get off this garbage. I never needed Prozac in the first place. I just needed to fix my gut and get good nutrition and magnesium. If only I had figured this out sooner.

But as of next Friday I’m off Prozac. I’m so excited!”

Carolyn Dean MD ND

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