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RnA Drops Tribute Show

June 1, 2012

I’ve gotten tons of queries about RnA Drops (since my blog post: It’s the RNA Not the DNA) and find it difficult to explain such a complex topic even though I patented the base ingredient in the drops. (Patent # 13204063) Of course, it’s also against FDA regulations to make claims for products.

Fortunately, all your questions are answered on the 3-hour James Martinez’ Cash Flow Radio Show (2012-05-31) with Virginia Gunther and Gregg Sanders. Even the ones about RNA and how it’s more important than DNA and the incredible revelation that the cross represents the “open” arms of Chromosome 14 in biblical teachings.
Hour One: begin at the 5 minute mark; Hour Two; Hour Three

On the show Virginia, a Christian minister, and Gregg, a long-time dabbler In the esoteric, discuss their amazing, individual and shared, experiences with the RnA Drops and the non-physical environment in which they were conceived.

My overwhelming interest in the RnA Drops is that they seem to have multidimensional effects that go beyond the physical. They ARE the medicine of the future, the next step in evolution. What do we need in our future? Something that prevents aging; helps detox environmental chemicals and heavy metals; and gives us bliss. I know I can’t claim that RnA Drops can do these things…or anything, for that matter. That’s why you should listen to Virginia and Gregg and hear for yourself what RnA Drops can do for you.

Carolyn Dean MD ND

The Doctor of the Future®

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