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The Health Freedom Movement: Alive & Well

June 10, 2012

My friend Tim Bolen wrote about the meetings I’m speaking at in Chicago next week and the one I attended last March in Long Beach.

Tim says, in his Saturday June 9, 2012 blog:

“…there has been an effort to form alliances between the North American Health Freedom movement and the Autism world. It is succeeding. Both the Long Beach Health Freedom Expo and AutismOne worked well together. And now we are heading for the third, and fourth, collaborations – both in Chicago.” June 14-17.

Click Tim Bolen’s Link to meet the 40 participants in Diane Miller’s Health Freedom Congress on June 14. Diane is a dear friend and one of the most influential leaders in the health freedom movement because she’s actually managed to get our 40 groups together to talk about health freedom.

Many of you don’t even know there is a health freedom movement. So it’s time you found out because that’s what I talk about in every blog. The freedom to choose your own health therapies and not be forced to go to doctors who only use drugs and surgery. Doctors also need the freedom to use other options but mostly they are punished if they don’t use drugs and surgery.

Then click on Health Freedom Expo to see the line up of people that I’m speaking with June 15-17.

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