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Magnesium, For All-Purpose Healing

July 5, 2012

Here’s a great in-depth magnesium miracle testimonial from a reader. It should encourage all of you to take magnesium and give it to everyone you know!

“My induction to natural holistic health treatment began with the news that my mother was to begin statin drug treatment for elevated cholesterol, hypertension and arrhythmia. She was also diagnosed with osteoporosis. Now in her 82nd year she had suffered previous episodes of tachycardia requiring emergency hospitalization.

Being aware of the adverse side effects and long term consequences of taking statin drugs I had little time before the MD would insist drug treatment begin. We immediately initiated a treatment protocol using transdermal magnesium therapy.

1. Within 3 days blood pressure reduced to 115/80, down from episodes of systolic pressure reaching 185 and peeks of 200.
2. At 3 months cholesterol stabilized sufficiently that her MD was no longer recommending drug treatment.
3. There have not been any episodes of arrhythmia since treatment began.
4. At 12 months osteoporosis did not worsen and the 3-year results indicate some reversal.

Now at 5 years we eagerly await the next result to see if the trend continues. The MD is very pleased with my mother’s progress and regularly reminds her that she is the only patient she sees of her vintage not taking any prescription drugs.

Magnesium along with iodine, are at the helm of the health protocol followed within my family. I now re-mineralize our filtered water by alternating Himalayan Rock salt, Celtic Sea salt and our local Australian Murray River Salt. Also fortify it with magnesium chloride. The water has a soft pleasant feel and taste to the palate.

It all began with the introduction to your informative and enlightening book The Magnesium Miracle. This wonderful book has unleashed an insatiable desire for natural health knowledge and a perpetual expansion of books in our library.

I wish to convey my deepest gratitude for your tireless endeavour in disseminating your vast knowledge of natural health and look forward every week to the next module of Future Health Now!”

Carolyn Dean MD ND

The Doctor of the Future®

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