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The Solution For Dehydration

July 1, 2012

A client asked me how she could possibly be dehydrated because she said she drinks a “fair amount” of water but every night she seems to be “sooo thirsty” that it disrupts her sleep. She asked if there were any tricks besides coconut water, soups and just drinking water that could relieve her thirst?

I told her the best solution is to add 1/8-1/4 tsp of sea salt or Himalayan salt to each pint of water she drinks. And to drink half her body weight in ounces of water through the day…stopping about 6pm so her bladder doesn’t wake her. I told her that the minerals help hold water inside cells where they are needed for proper body function.

She wanted to know if she could just put some extra sea salt on her food. I said, no, sea salt is best taken right with water.

A week later she reported that adding salt to her water “absolutely worked immediately!” She said it actually was miraculous. She sprinkled in just enough Himalayan salt so that she barely tasted it.

I regularly salt my water, but I also use my ReMag (magnesium) and ReMyte (12 minerals) formulas because water follow minerals into the cells and helps the water stay there to do its work before it’s eliminated from the body carrying cellular toxins. Minerals are the key to structure and function in the body and we can’t do without them.

MAGNESIUM MIRACLE STORY: A blog reader wrote about her experience with magnesium. “I went to the doctor for muscles spasm, twitches, insomnia, anxiety and OCD symptoms and was immediately placed on sleeping pills and an anti-anxiety pills. (I DID NOT TAKE THEM). Instead I took magnesium glycinate and magnesium oil and slowly got better. I am now sleeping through the night, my anxieties have calmed down and my OCD seems to be in check. Thank you for “The Magnesium Miracle”!!!”

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