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You Have More Than One Stomach!

July 22, 2012

Like most of us who are on the internet, I get a lot of emails, newsletters and blogs about the imminent state of collapse of the world. But then I still wake up the next day and the sun still rises. How do our minds rationalize the incredible stress of doom and gloom targeting us from every angle? According to Total Biology/German New Medicine, our minds don’t rationalize. In order to prevent the disaster that our mind is being told exists, the mind will put some of this stress into the body as a way of coping. This results in a physical disease or symptoms that supposedly are trying to distress the mind and “solve the problem.” But even this enlightened way of looking at stress and illness doesn’t take into account the many bodies that each of us currently inhabits. I have a chapter in my Death by Modern Medicine eBook, Death by Media that discusses our four bodies. They are the Chemical Body, the Astral (Religious/Spiritual) Body, the TV Body and the Chip (Internet) Body. There is also a Mystery Body, which as its name implies, remains a mystery. So, when people express the outrage and impotence they feel about medicine, drug companies, the FDA, the food supply, etc., I tell them that it’s all an attack on our Chemical Body. However, since we still have our Astral Body, TV Body and Chip Body, I tell them to try not to get too worked up about losing only one body out of four! We know we are overloaded with information, but we are at the point in our culture where we feed off information as much as physical food. The majority of our sensory impressions now come from TV and Internet. Ongoing information via news, events, data, and stories, are all necessary as forms of content to feed both the media machines and our four stomachs. Since we don’t look at it as involving four bodies/stomachs, we are like the proverbial fish that don’t know they are swimming in water – the new water being our two new additional bodies (TV Body and Chip Body). We do notice the older, familiar Astral Body and Chemical Body—the one we pierce and tattoo as if it’s a piece of art. We become obsessed with our Chemical Body and the visible “Chemical” environment due to the invisible pressures of the other three. We attribute our hyper-stimulation to just our Chemical Body being stimulated. But it’s largely the TV Body and Chip Body that are being engaged and agitated. Our Chemical Body has been reduced to the level of a neuron, or nerve cell – the body that pharmaceutical companies exploit and program with drugs, making no effort to explain the two new bodies. If you want more information on the Four Bodies, read my Death by Modern Medicine eBook. If you want to know what The Doctor of the Future does to stay happy in all four bodies, listen to my latest interview (July 18, 2012) on the Randy Maugans Show, Off Planet Radio. Part One: Part Two. MEDIA: An eclectic and fun interview with my friend, Eben Rey, The Truth in Medicine Part One: Part Two on Project Next Radio, KPFK.

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