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Pico-Ionic Magnesium

September 27, 2012

Since 1980, countless supplement companies have tried to entice me to formulate, endorse and sell their products. If I had taken that route 32 years ago, I’m sure my world would look entirely different.

I’ve always tried to encourage people to take responsibility for their own health and not just depend on supplements. To that end, I spent two years creating my Completement Now! Online Wellness Program thinking that people just needed to be given a step-by-step guide to wellness. I get rave reviews about the program from members but I wondered why more people weren’t joining. I finally had to admit that people are mostly just looking for a pill or a potion to solve their problems.

To that end, I began to make, private label and endorse a handful of products to give people the pill or potion they demand.

I have a published patent on the basic ingredient in RnA Drops, a unique barley product that has extraordinary effects that have to be witnessed (by listening to testimonials) and experienced (by paying S&H for a free mini bottle). RnA Drops are sold along with ReAline, a methionine, taurine, methylated B product; ReNew, an RnA skin care product; ReMag, a Pico-Ionic magnesium product; and ReStructure, which is my amazing protein/carb/fat, meal replacement, “protein powder

Yes, I finally have my own magnesium product. It’s picometer-sized which means it’s absorbed 100% at the cellular level, so your cells have immediate access to usable magnesium. ReMag is a 50,000ppm privately labeled product that is much more concentrated than the 3,000ppm angstrom product that I’ve previously recommended. Because it’s so concentrated, you only have to take ½ teaspoon of ReMag to get the equivalent of 18 half teaspoons of angstrom magnesium.

I’m still searching for a powder or capsule of magnesium that’s picometer-sized. Until I find it, you can use the much more concentrated and less expensive 8 oz bottles of ReMag instead of 32 oz bottles of angstrom. I love the 8oz size which is so easy to pack when traveling.

ReMag comes with a long glass dropper. I personally take out the glass dropper and pour out my ½ tsp twice a day into a ½ tsp measuring spoon. Or you can measure out how many droppers you need to make ½ tsp and use that amount. Your purchase of ReMag also comes with a free eBook that explains the need for magnesium and the benefits of this highly absorbed form.

Another benefit for you is access to my knowledge base. When you buy ReMag or any of the RnA products, you will be invited to join my once or twice weekly health call where I will be available to answer your health and product questions.

I apologize in advance (with tongue in cheek) to those who will automatically feel that I’ve gone over to the dark side by actually “selling” products. I don’t take this lightly either. After all, it’s taken me 3 decades to make the leap!

I still recommend other forms of magnesium such as Natural Calm, magnesium lotion and magnesium flakes that you can see on my Resources page. I personally take all these forms for the most beneficial health results.

Carolyn Dean MD ND

The Doctor of the Future®

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