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Transactional Analysis For Free

September 2, 2012

Here’s a free kindle book about Transactional Analysis written by a genius friend of mine, Danna Hallmark. And please don’t complain to me that I’ve ruined your life by offering you something free…and now you have to buy a Kindle. Like one person complained to me that I’d finally crossed the line and ruined my reputation because he couldn’t afford the shipping and handling for the “free” bottle of RnA Drops that I offered last week. People have asked and that offer still stands at the RnA Drops website.

Please repeat after me: “Money flows freely and easily to me.” If you repeat often enough that you’re broke and have no money, that’s what you reinforce in your life. And it’s not my fault or anyone else’s that you say those words. I’ve been trying to tell you for years how powerful your words are. And I’m not spouting off my words so that you will like me…but so you will like yourself.

Ah, but my genius friend even has the absolutely free part covered. If you do not have a Kindle device, you can download the Kindle app for your PC or Mac and all your other devices.

Here’s the link to get your free copy of Transactional Analysis: The Four Ego-States Model.

In the original Transactional Analysis model, there are three ego states: Parent, Adult and Child. Danna has added a fourth. So, you have to download the book to solve the mystery of the fourth state. And the catch is that the book is only free for 5 days, so jump on this fast.

The out-of-the-box part of this blog is that we also have 4 Bodies. I wrote about the 4 Stomachs recently (You Have More Than One Stomach) to get your attention. And want you to keep thinking about how our Chemical/Physical body has to share space and time with our Chip Body (computers/internet/iPhone), TV Body and Astral Body.

The fact that we are involved with all 4 of our bodies helps explain why people pierce and tattoo themselves. We aren’t just a Chemical Body but can’t help but mimic what TV and the internet do to us with the glow of TV and computer screens illuminating our bodies. Or by having to juggle 4 bodies, we don’t find enough time to take care of our Chemical Body and we find ourselves sicker than ever before.

For more on the 4 bodies, you can read my chapter on Death by Media in my eBook, Death by Modern Medicine. Also, the RnA Drops seem to help a person come into their own power…strange though that may seem!

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