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Hospitals Are Still the Antechamber to the Tomb

October 21, 2012

This headline in Medscape, Oct 17, 2012 really caught my attention. I thought, is allopathic medicine developing a gallows sense of humor or finally admitting to the truth. The article was written by Dr. Eric Topol, Director of the Scripps Translational Science Institute and Editor-in-Chief of Medscape Genomic Medicine and I thought I recognized the name and found him in my Death by Modern Medicine book criticizing Vioxx.

Dr. Eric Topol wrote about the implications of the Vioxx recall in the NEJM in October 2004. Placing the blame squarely with the drug company and the FDA, his article was titled “Failing the Public Health—Rofecoxib, Merck, and the FDA.

Does this mean that Dr. Topol is “one of the good guys?” Not necessarily. He was quoting George Orwell who once said that the hospital is the antechamber to the tomb. Topol said that even though it was written decades ago, unfortunately there’s still truth to what Orwell said today.

He confessed that he was “sad” that 1 in 4 hospital patients in America have a problem with medical errors and that they have problems such as hospital-acquired, infections and medication errors. It’s not just something to be sad about but something to be mad about!

Topol’s solution is digitalizing medical records and creating scorecards for hospitals. He mentions a Consumer Reports’ cover article about rating hospitals and hopes for the day that this kind of direct information, transparency and accountability to consumers will help them choose better hospitals and doctors and force hospitals to be more accountable!

Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah. Yes, it’s all just empty words and has NOTHING to do with the undeniable fact that it’s the overuse of expensive drugs and surgery; the lack of natural medicine options and choices; and the despair of doctors and patients alike that know allopathic medicine isn’t working.

One of Topol’s specialties is Genomic Medicine. So, I know that he’s just waiting for gene manipulation to cure disease. I’m sure he doesn’t know anything about the ability of magnesium to help millions of people with their chronic health conditions right here, right now.

Yes, I’m kind of riled up because each time I read something in Medscape I come away shaking my head at the sheer lunacy and hubris of a profession that can’t see that it is failing. How can you possibly take responsibility for your own health when allopathic medicine won’t allow any other options?

All this just reinforces my decision to create, patent and promote a nutritional product called RnA Drops and a fully absorbed magnesium liquid called ReMag. Together, these products are truly helping people.

Millie with her post-polio syndrome found that RnA Drops gave her more energy, more confidence and even a state of bliss. When she added the ReMag, pain from a severe injury to her “good side” that occurred 2 years ago miraculously went away. Sue, a flight attendant whose intake of RnA Drops eliminated her jetlag found her severe psoriasis symptoms disappearing when she added ReMag.

Yes folks, after over 3 decades I’m finally throwing down the gauntlet and joining the commercial world to make sure you get something worthwhile that’s going to keep you out of the hospital and out of the doctor’s office where all you’ll be offered is handful of prescriptions.

Carolyn Dean MD ND

The Doctor of the Future®

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