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Magnesium & Menopause

October 28, 2012

Here’s what a blog reader recently wrote about her experience with magnesium and menopause.

“On reading that most of the 34 odd symptoms of menopause are actually identical to the more obvious and unpleasant symptoms of cellular magnesium deficiency, I put myself on a magnesium supplementation regime. Within 3 days I began to feel like I used to do, my daytime hot flushes had reduced from 20 or so a day to less than 10 and nocturnal hot sweats from 10 plus per night to 3 or fewer, my insomnia disappeared and my terrible anxiety, rapid heart beat and depression all started to fade away as did the skin crawling sensations and aches and pains. Having suffered progressively with worsening symptoms since entering menopause for the last three years I am now, 10 days later, basically symptom free, Magnesium is a miracle, and everyone, particularly menopausal women should be made aware of this. Many thanks!”

Well, I do my best to make people aware of the miracles of magnesium. And I’m getting some help. I told you about The Arrhythmia Alliance Outstanding Medical Contribution to Cardiac Rhythm Management Services Award that I received in September from The Heart Rhythm Society in the UK.

Another great boost is from my friend, the genius magnesium expert, Morley Robbins who is reading everything about magnesium he can get his hands on. Here’s the latest:

1. Magnesium may actually be involved in 1300 biological enzyme systems in the body and not only the 325 that I’ve been quoting for years. That’s 80% of all the enzyme systems in the body. Yes, magnesium does everything!

2. The highest concentration of magnesium is in the ventricle chambers of the heart. So why doesn’t your cardiologist know that?

3. Fifty-four molecules of magnesium are required to metabolize one molecule of sucrose, which is why a high sugar diet causes magnesium deficiency.

4. Drugs like Cipro cause magnesium deficiency because it is a fluoride compound. There are hundreds of drugs that contain fluoride that are adding to the epidemic of magnesium deficiency in the world. See my article, Magnesium Heals Cipro Damage on Natural News.

5. In my book, The Magnesium Miracle I talked about Dr. Mildred Seelig’s original research with the pharmaceutical industry. She found that most drugs, when taken, cause magnesium to flood the blood stream. Presumably to help detoxify the drug. HOWEVER, the surge of magnesium can greatly benefit the individual who assumes that the drug is causing the benefit. Then after “the honeymoon is over” and all the magnesium stores are depleted, you really begin to notice the drug side effect. The drug companies have not bothered to convey this information to the public.

Take action for your health and take magnesium. I don’t care what form you take, but just take it. Natural Vitality has a 40% discount on their products, including Natural Calm Magnesium until the end of Dec 2012. LL’s Magnetic Clay offers a magnesium oil that you can use on your skin or in a bath. And my product, ReMag, which has no laxative effect, is available as a liquid in convenient 8oz bottles.

Activism: You can also take action about GMO in foods. Please go to the Citizens for Health web page and sign the petition there. Next, go to the Californians Right to Know web page to learn about California Prop. 37 to label foods that are GMO. This Prop. will be on the ballot on November 6, 2012. If this bill does pass in California, other jurisdictions will follow.

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