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Giving Thanks for Magnesium

November 22, 2012

A blog reader just sent me a wonderful Thanksgiving message that I want to share with you.

“Dear Dr. Dean:
I read your Magnesium Miracle early last summer. My husband has had episodes of atrial fibrillation for the last three years. Since starting on magnesium taurate he has had just five, two-hour episodes. Prior to magnesium he had episodes that lasted 1-2 days. His cardiologist acknowledged it ‘probably was the magnesium.’

I am following your ‘recipe’ for supplements for bone health. I have been diagnosed with osteopenia, despite following my doctor’s advice about calcium and vitamin D intake. Now I understand so much better what minerals and vitamins I really need.

My 40-year old son has struggled with ADD all his life. Recently, stress, ADD drugs, caffeine, and poorly managed, prescribed psychotropic drugs caused him to think he also had bipolar disorder. After starting on magnesium supplements he says he is sleeping like he never has in his life. His ADD symptoms are diminished and he is off all medications and caffeine. He feels like he has a new beginning. As his mom, I have prayed for years that he would find healing for his ADD. This Thanksgiving I am thankful for answered prayers and for you, Dr. Dean. You have truly changed lives in my family.”

Someone else sent me a 4-page testimonial beginning “Firstly we’d like to congratulate you on your recent award from the Heart Rhythm Society. Well and truly deserved, in our opinion. And thank you for the wonderful advice and magnesium knowledge you are sharing with us all.”

The more I work with magnesium the more value I see in this amazing mineral. Recently I’ve been reporting that magnesium is crucial for 1,300 biological enzyme systems, not just 325. That’s right, it’s necessary for 80% of our body functions.

Helping people overcome arrhythmias has become more prominent in my consulting work and I’m thrilled to report that ReMag, the Pico-Ionic magnesium that I’m privately labeling seems to be as effective as IV magnesium. Picometer magnesium doesn’t cause the laxative effect so you can take large amounts of it to build up your magnesium stores and overcome decades of deficiency. Unfortunately, with most other forms you reach the laxative effect before you reach the saturation point. In fact, I would recommend ReMag to my blog reader so her husband could take more magnesium to overcome his remaining symptoms of atrial fibrillation.

My genius magnesium friend, Morley Robbins reminded me yesterday why calcium builds up in the body and magnesium flushes out. Our ancient ancestors all lived near the ocean giving them access to high-magnesium foods like fish and seaweed. They also ate nuts and seeds, which are high in magnesium. they were saturated with magnesium. This was long before a diet of cow’s milk and cheese and high doses of calcium. So, our body created several mechanisms for grabbing and holding calcium, such as vitamin D, calcitonin and parathyroid hormone. But we didn’t need to grab and hold magnesium because we had enough in our diet. Here’s the news flash! Your body STILL holds onto all the calcium it’s exposed to and flushes out magnesium when you have enough!

In modern times, we’ve undone these safety mechanisms and overloaded ourselves with calcium and farmed all our magnesium away. So, it’s left to us to get smart and make sure we only take about 700 mg of calcium in food, water and supplements and also make sure we take at least 700mg of magnesium, or more, every day. And to NOT use high doses of vitamin D, which will only grab onto more calcium. Some very smart researchers are asking if the so-called epidemic of vitamin D deficiency is actually the body recognizing that it has too much calcium and it has to stop grabbing it!

Because most doctors know nothing about magnesium, you HAVE to do this on your own. But my book, The Magnesium Miracle, can help you influence your doctor to work with you on reducing your medications once you are on magnesium. And it wouldn’t hurt to tell him/her that the author won the Heart Rhythm Society award for Clinical Excellence. It might help convince them that there’s more to medicine than toxic drugs.

For The Best Thanksgiving message ever, please pass on this information about magnesium to everyone you know.

As Albert Einstein said, “Insanity can be defined as a person or persons doing the same thing over and over again while expecting a different outcome.” If you heard the daily stories that I do about people actually having muscle surgery for magnesium deficiency spasms; taking dozens of pills a day for magnesium deficiency symptoms and being told they are crazy because they have magnesium deficiency symptoms, you too would be up-in-arms about the insanity in allopathic medicine. You too would be shouting magnesium messages from the rooftops.

Carolyn Dean MD ND


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