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Is Magnesium Toxic? No!

December 9, 2012

I received an email from a blog reader who asked if magnesium was toxic. She said she found the following on the website.

“Magnesium toxicity results when your body absorbs more magnesium than it can use or excrete. …taking too much supplemental magnesium can result in symptoms of toxicity. These symptoms include a fall in blood pressure, confusion, abnormal cardiac rhythm and deterioration of kidney function. Individuals can also experience muscle weakness and difficulty breathing. People who have kidney trouble are at a higher risk from supplemental magnesium intake and should not take any over-the-counter supplementation without first consulting with their physicians.”

The above warning is very misleading. It’s not that “…taking too much supplemental magnesium can result in symptoms of toxicity.” That statement implies that magnesium toxicity can occur in anyone. That’s not the case. The reality is that certain people with serious health conditions, who are usually already under doctors’ care are warned not to take magnesium. As I write in my book, The Magnesium Miracle, there are 4 contraindications to magnesium therapy.

1. Kidney failure. With kidney failure there is an inability to clear magnesium from the kidneys.

2. Myasthenia gravis. Intravenous administration could accentuate muscle relaxation and collapse the respiratory muscles.

3. Excessively slow heart rate. Slow heart rates can be made even slower, as magnesium relaxes the heart. Slow heart rates often require an artificial pacemaker.

4. Bowel obstruction. The main route of elimination of oral magnesium is through the bowel.

Other sites will talk about magnesium’s side effect of diarrhea not understanding that this is actually a fail safe for magnesium so that it doesn’t build up in the body. But it can happen when anyone takes all their magnesium at once causing a relative overload. That’s why I recommend that you take your magnesium, like Natural Calm powder, dissolved in water and sip it through the day.

This fail safe was created during out evolution in a culture living near the oceans where most of humanity survived on the produce from the sea. Sea water has 3 times more magnesium than calcium. So, it became important to eliminate too much magnesium but grab onto as much calcium as possible. This is the function of Vitamin D, to grab onto calcium. NOW, we are taking FAR more calcium than magnesium, yet we keep holding onto calcium, to our detriment. Google my name and calcium and find out more. This fail safe make magnesium THE safest of nutrients and not something to fear as allopathic medicine would have you believe.

I’ve also noticed the discrepancy even on the NIH websites about how much magnesium to take. For example, the RDA for magnesium is 420mg for men but then, on the same page, they say the Upper Limit for magnesium is 350mg. I personally have to take two and three times that amount to allieviate my magnesium deficiency symptoms. But the public is not given guidance in these matters since most doctors don’t understand magnesium deficiency in the first place.

Unfortunately, there seems to be a distressing and even insidious tendency for Livestrong and other medical and government sites to medicalize nutrients and categorize them as drugs playing up rare and sometimes imaginary side effects. After all, it is the intent of Codex and the pharmaceutical companies to control nutrients by putting them into the drug category so they can be prescribed and their pricing increased…as has already happened in Europe and Australia and to a certain extent in Canada. Spreading half-truths and untruths about nutrients is a manipulation of our emotions for ulterior motives and most people don’t even realize it.

It’s because of this inevitability that I turned to the pico-ionic minerals for their low potency because it will be on the basis of potency that nutrients will be regulated. The recommended dosage on the label of my Pico-Ionic Magnesium product, ReMag, is only 250 mg per day. This is well below the RDA, making it a low potency product and therefore never at risk of taking “too much”. However, the individual can take whatever they choose.

I highly recommend you become educated about magnesium and other nutrients. The best way to accomplish that is to join my Future Health Now Online Wellness Program that will motivate you to achieve a healthy lifestyle over a 2-year span. Most other online health information is filtered through the allopathic medical model and filled with half-truths.

Carolyn Dean MD ND

The Doctor of the Future®

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