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Magnesium Baths

December 14, 2012

When doctors say that “magnesium is just a fad” or that “magnesium is toxic” you know that they haven’t done their homework. They obviously haven’t read the 1,000 magnesium research studies produced by Drs. Burton and Bella Altura. And they don’t know that magnesium has been used safely and successfully for over 300 years.

Morley Robbins just wrote the following on his Facebook site, The Magnesium Advocacy Group:

“Here’s something for us to reflect on: ‘The first published account of the efficacy of Magnesium in management of a variety of nervous complaints, including anxiety, depression, hypochondria, anorexia, headache, and cramps, among other disturbances, was in a 17th century booklet by N. Grew (1697), entitled “Treatise on the Nature and Use of the Bitter Purging Salt Contained in Epsom and Such Other Water.’

For those new to the magic of Magnesium, Epsom Salts are MgSO4 and actually date back to Roman times. It would appear that our ancestors from 300+ years ago were afflicted by many of the same conditions that plague our society today. One major difference: they chose to use a vital, natural & restorative mineral (Maggie) to bring their bodies back into metabolic balance. So how “advanced” are we really?”

Epsom salt is magnesium sulfate and that’s important because bathing in it gives you a healthy supply of sulfur along with the magnesium. Sulfur is another important mineral that we may be lacking. To investigate this mineral, you can view a power point by Dr. Stephanie Sennoff on taurine, an important sulfur-based amino acid. I recommend the amino acid taurine if magnesium and potassium (in broth form) don’t completely eliminate heart palpitations.

According to Dr. Norm Shealy, bathing in magnesium salts is also an important way to stimulate the DHEA receptors lying under your skin.

So, I recommend various forms of magnesium by mouth, as well as magnesium baths. Magnesium baths supply magnesium but also act as a detoxifier. For an even better detox, blend up some Magnetic Clay and pour it into your bath water.

To give you more minerals besides magnesium, you can add sea salt to your bath. Go half-and-half Epsom salts and Natural Calm Sports Bath, which combines magnesium and sea salt.

Children especially benefit from magnesium baths. Most kids love their baths and adding magnesium salts just makes sense. For kids and adults, 1-2 cups in a bath is sufficient. However, I’ve used up to 8 cups when I’ve had a severe muscle spasm or injury.

I know I may sound like a broken record about magnesium. And I, personally, never wanted to “specialize” in any one thing. But I’ve come to realize that magnesium is not a specialist nutrient, it is a generalist and it may be affecting up to 80% of all biological processes in the body, so it’s well worth harping on!!

Carolyn Dean MD ND

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