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Magnesium Makes Me Sleep

December 26, 2012

Even though I trained in acupuncture and think it’s a very important modality, I don’t think I’ve ever blogged about it. After all, acupuncture isn’t a self-help tool; it’s not many people who like to stick needles into themselves. However, when a client asked me why she wakes up every night from 2-3am, I immediately turned to Chinese Medicine.

At the Holistic by Nature website, I found the following table describing the basic emotional correspondances for the nighttime meridians. In my experience, people who wake up at certain times may have issues in the areas described.

9-11pm: Triple Heater – Non-intimate relationships; social aspects

11pm-1am: Gall Bladder – Determination and decision making; action

1am-3am: Liver – Internal plans; the vision for life

3am-5am: Lung – Barrier (skin) to the outside world; understanding what is of true value

5am-7am: Large Intestine – Letting go of impurities (of emotions and beliefs, past experiences); holding on to what is of value

Of course, I also believe that the underlying reason for most sleep disorders is magnesium deficiency and magnesium is my first recommendation to anyone who can’t sleep properly.

If your muscles are tight and cramping, then it’s very difficult to drop into a deep enough sleep to give you a complete rest. Then, if you have emotional issues you are trying to sort out, those worries can also keep you awake. Even your dreams can be affected as you are trying to work out your problems in dreamtime.

Certainly around the holidays can be a difficult time for people who are thrown into close proximity with family members that they may have issues with. The late nights, consumption of more food, sugar and alcohol than usual is also very stressful. And stress causes magnesium to burn off at an alarming rate.

So, if the issues that appear next to the your nighttime waking make some sense, take steps to talk, write or meditate about what’s going on in your life to help resolve them.

And don’t take the so-called “easy” way out and grab a sleeping pill or anti-anxiety medication. The labels on these medications even say that they are for “short-term” usage only. I’ve known clients that have taken them for as little as month and then had tremendous withdrawal effects when they tried to come off them and then taken a year to get over the side effects.

Whenever a friend or family member tells you they aren’t sleeping properly tell them to take magnesium, magnesium baths, magnesium spray – any form of magnesium at all and avoid getting hooked on medications. The chapter on Anxiety and Depression in my Magnesium Miracle book covers insomnia and will convince anyone of its benefits.

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