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Overdosing Vitamin D3

December 24, 2012

Here is something that few people know, Vitamin D is not even a vitamin but it’s really a hormone that requires magnesium to turn it into the active form. Here is a post on a magnesium forum that illustrates why it is so important to know about this relationship.

“Due to having severe bone loss, my doctor told me to take D3 but did not tell me to take magnesium. After being on the D3 at dosage of only 2,000mg per day I started having cramps, heart palpitations, fatigue, insomnia, high blood pressure (I had always had low BP ) and many other problems. I thought it was the D3 so I stopped and started doing research to find that you never take D3 without magnesium. If your magnesium level is already low the D3 will use up more of your magnesium and cause all kinds of problems. All that summer I could not even get out in the sun to get natural vitamin D without getting heart palpitations and cramps in my legs. It has took me almost 2 yrs and I am still not 100%.”

She continued. “I have come to believe that with low magnesium everything is off. Your vitamin D will be low because it needs magnesium and your cholesterol will be high if magnesium levels are low. Before taking magnesium my cholesterol was running a little high. Thyroid level was running low and my D was never checked but am sure it was low also but when my blood work was done again after taking magnesium for about 6 months my thyroid levels and cholesterol levels were both back in normal range plus my iron had gone up from 41 to 82 and my B12 had gone from 401 to 800. Fasting blood sugar went from 103 to 98. The only thing I was taking was maggie so I know that is what did it.”

What’s the bottom line here? Magnesium is active in over 80% of the body’s biological functions so many of the interrelationships and intricacies haven’t even been studied yet. What do I suggest? Keep taking your magnesium and to balance your vitamin D, use natural sunlight, cod liver oil and butter oil for the necessary vitamin A and vitamin K that make vitamin D work properly. Go to the Weston A. Price Foundation website for more information.

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