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Magnesium: A Nervous System Lifesaver

January 20, 2013

In The Research Continues: Part Three of my book, The Magnesium Miracle, I wrote about Dr. Lewis B. Barnett, former head of the Hereford Clinic and Deaf Smith Research Foundation who learned that magnesium is deficient in people with epilepsy. In the 1950s he presented evidence on thirty cases of childhood seizures that responded exceptionally well to high oral doses of magnesium with absolutely no side effects. Barnett found that when his patients’ blood magnesium reached normal levels, their seizure activity diminished. As a result of his research, Barnett concluded that the main cause for the 3 million clinical and 10-15 million subclinical cases of epilepsy identified at the time was a deficiency of magnesium!

Here are two emails I recently received about magnesium and the nervous system. One grateful person writes:

“Right off the top I would like to thank you for sharing your Magnesium work, in particular, as it is literally in the process of saving my life! After several visits to neurologists and EMG testing over my entire body the diagnoses was leaning towards muscular dystrophy OR early Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).

In short, thanks to your work and others I am In my 4th month of intense, self-administered, Magnesium treatment – oral , topical, baths – you name It. And I will tell you I am almost 100% cured of the multiple issues – and I mean serious issues and symptoms I’ve suffered for over 4 years. I thought I was not long for this world that’s how bad it was. To me, it’s shocking that our Neuro’s are CLUELESS with respect to Magnesium. Shocking, sad and pathetic that anyone should suffer the horror I suffered because of a simple Magnesium deficiency.”

Someone else wrote about their experience with Natural Calm Magnesium. “I am an epileptic and have always been paranoid and have a huge amount of anxiety before big events. I would get so scared of having a seizure that I didn’t want to do much and would avoid social situations. Thanks to Natural Calm I am able to enjoy social situations again! I drink it and I am able to function and it really does help to relieve the stress and worry. It also helps that it is natural. I used to medicate myself for stress with alcohol and now, because of this product, I am a recovering alcoholic. I am able to stay truly clean, sober, and stress free without the help of alcohol and drugs like Valium or Zanax.”

How does allopathic medicine treat nerve “disorders?” One of the most commonly used drugs for epilepsy and nerve pain is Neurontin (gabapentine). And guess what? Gabapentine depletes magnesium and causes magnesium deficiency. Whereas if you take magnesium for nerve symptoms you actually have a chance of eliminating the cause of the problem.

Drug researchers don’t know how gabapentine works but they say it affects the calcium channels in cells binding to calcium receptors and thus preventing erratic electrical signals between neurons. If you have been reading my blogs you already know that magnesium binds to these same receptors and opens and closes these calcium channels properly so you don’t get excess calcium and you don’t get erratic electrical signals. Taking gabapentine means you are depleting your magnesium and making your symptoms worse.

One of the side effects of gabapentine is worsening seizure activity. You gotta wonder about the wisdom of using a drug prescribed for seizures that can cause more seizures! But now we know why; it’s depleting magnesium, so your muscles and nerves go into spasms and seizures. Magnesium deficiency can cause numbness, tingling, seizures, muscle contractions, spasms and cramps and should be the first line of treatment for any of these symptoms.

With the continuing magnesium deficiency in our soil; increasing stress in our lives; medications that drain magnesium and doctors uneducated in magnesium deficiency and magnesium therapy, you do have to take matters into your own hands and make sure you have enough magnesium. Try and educate your doctor with my book, The Magnesium Miracle, but don’t go cold-turkey off your drugs, wean off them with the help of your doctor. See my Resources and previous blogs for more on magnesium.

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