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When Antibiotics No Longer Work

January 5, 2013

Here’s an inspiring case history from a woman who successfully used a poultice of magnetic clay on a chronic wound. To make a clay poultice you simply mix clay powder with water until it’s the consistency of pudding. In a April, 2010 blog I talked about successfully using a clay poultice on a dangerously infected foot: Can Clay Treat MRSA Infections?

In today’s case, the wound was originally a spider bite which turned into a staph infection that wouldn’t heal for over two months. This was not a MRSA infection but because it wasn’t healing her practitioner wanted to put her on an aggressive round of multiple antibiotics. She decided to use magnetic clay treatment instead. The area on her leg was packed each evening with clay and left on overnight for 14 nights. For the first week, daytime clay packs were used and left on for 4 hours. No other treatments or medications were used. I’ve seen photos of the ulcerated crater wound and the amazing progression of healing.

I know many of you have magnetic clay on hand for detoxing baths and this is just a reminder to be sure and use for it for any sort of rash, infection, wound or trauma. As most of you know, antibiotics are the only solution that allopathic medicine seems to have. Constantly prescribing antibiotics for everything has caused the current epidemic of antibiotic-resistant bacteria that have a death rate of close to 50%. That’s why we have to have alternative remedies like clay on hand so you never need to enter a hospital and risk infection with the monster strains of bacteria they have growing there!

The wet clay will safely draw out toxins, inflammatory poisons and infections. You can also use it on joint swellings, even the bony bumps on the finger joints closest to the fingernail called Heberden’s nodes. I have one little node on my right pinkie finger and I periodically put a dab of clay pudding on a bandaid and wear it overnight. The clay immediately takes out the inflammation and pain and has reduced the swelling and the size.

The clay that this lady used and that I’ve researched and personally use for detoxing baths and poulticing is LL’s Magnetic Clay. It’s a sodium bentonite clay, also called “living clay” with a much stronger drawing power than calcium bentonite. LL’s clay is also very high in magnesium and regularly tested to ensure purity.

I’m certain clay can be used for a lot more purposes and I would love to hear your stories to share them with my readers. I especially want to hear if you have used clay poultices for bedsores, which account for far too much morbidity and mortality in people who are bedridden.

Please be sure and keep clay in your first aid cupboard as a safe and effective remedy for many conditions for which ineffective antibiotics are said to be the only solution.

Carolyn Dean MD ND

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