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Diabetes Can Be Reversed

April 24, 2013

On my early morning walk around the golf course I saw one of the workers who enthused that the supplements I had gifted him for the past several months had cured his diabetes! He’d been feeling so much better but he never expected that his doctor would take him off his diabetes medication.

I’ll tell you in a minute what I gave him, but first, this is what your doctor is going to give you if your blood sugar becomes elevated. According to the new recommendations from the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists (AACE) their new treatment “algorithm” involves every FDA approved class of medication for managing hyperglycemia. There is no mention of magnesium deficiency as a sign or diabetes or of using chromium, the B vitamins or Vitamin C to help balance blood sugar.

I gave my retirement-age friend – Energy 28, NutraRev, Organic Life Vitamins and Natural Calm magnesium powder from Natural Vitality. I told him to just take the suggested dose on the labels. Many people don’t want to swallow pills, so half the battle is offering something that people will take consistently. Natural Vitality has a 40% discount for my blog readers, so if you want something that works and is easy to take, why not give it a try. Got to the Natural Vitality Store and put (magnesium-miracle) in the coupon box at check out.

Folks, this is not brain surgery! This is simply giving your body the nutrients it may be lacking. Medicine makes people think that conditions like high blood pressure, high blood sugar and high cholesterol are insurmountable and require drugs for life. But drugs can never treat conditions you “behaved” yourself into! Taking care of your health with nutrients, starting with magnesium, will help you stay out of doctors’ offices and hospitals. After you read my latest article on Natural News you’ll see why. Surgical Errors Too Profitable To Stop! confirms everything I wrote in Death by Modern Medicine.

My article was picked up by Lisa Collier Cool at Yahoo Health who in her article Study: Hospitals ‘Profit Handsomely’ From Surgical Errors quoted my statistics that “Eleven common medical mistakes resulted in 895,936 deaths in 2008, according to an analysis of published research by Carolyn Dean, MD, ND, author of Death By Modern Medicine: Seeking Safer Solutions. ‘If medical error was a disease, it would be the leading cause of death in the US.’”

It’s a crying shame that allopathic medicine is not going to embrace what natural medicine has to offer. Thus, it continues to be our responsibility to take care of our own health. I’m doing what I can to offer wellness programs and products that can make a difference. I’m also a member of the National Health Freedom Coalition which will meet in Chicago, June 5 & 6, 2013. One of our goals is: “To work together to identify strategies for enhanced health freedom.” We need to do more than identify goals, however, we need action! At this point in our so-called evolution we have no health freedom. Allopathic medicine has a monopoly on our health even though their mandate is to diagnose disease and treat disease symptoms with drugs or surgery. We have to take our health back into our own hands.

Magnesium Miracle Story
“Thank you hardly seems enough! Your work on magnesium has made such a difference. I have had sometimes frightening heart rhythym issues since my late 20s – tests found nothing and nothing was ever recommended to me (by doctors or naturopaths) and so I continued to have sometimes very strong and even painful extrasystoles (they seemed to come in series for a time and then nothing for weeks). I have been taking magnesium since last summer after reading your work, and have rarely had a flutter – and those usually when I forgot to take my magnesium.”

Carolyn Dean MD ND

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