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April 28, 2013

Do you walk the Emmaus Road or the Road to Damascus? Or are you standing still in the middle of the road hesitant to take a step either way? I liken what I offer in my blogs, books and Completement Now! online wellness program to the slow journey on the Emmaus Road. The other part of my life that I’ve not shared until recently is the miraculous and immediate Road to Damascus.

I’m now in my 65th year on the planet and while other people might think of retirement, I’m really just beginning. What’s been presented to me in this last few years is the Road to Damascus which I’m exploring in my first ever Radio Show. I’ve been a guest on thousands of radio shows but now I have my own 2-hour call-in show: Live with Dr. Dean! on Achieve Radio every Monday at 4pm PST with my host Virginia Gunther.

I’ve been observing health trends for over 45 years and I see people getting increasingly desperate for someone to help “fix” them and their problems. In the U.S., because we expect someone else to take care of us, we’re submitted our minds and bodies to drug- and surgery-based disease-care. But, since we can’t medicate ourselves out of a disease we’ve behaved ourselves into, we’re mired in a hopeless tangle.

The support and advice I offer to people in the form of books, blogs and my wellness program just don’t seem enough. People want miracles. And it seems that I’ve gotten it all wrong urging you to take responsibility for your own health. You see, our health is a Given but we’ve all but given it away. And, that’s the basis of the Road to Damascus, miraculous transformation, knowing that your health is a Given.

All my life, I’ve been blessed with being ahead of my “time” and a pioneer on the leading edge. Some might say it’s also a curse because few people understand me, least of all my medical colleagues who think I’m a threat to the “standard practice of medicine.”

Arthur C. Clarke’ said that “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” I direct people to The Magnesium Advocacy Group on Facebook and recently someone on a thread there said my patent-pending RnA Drops were gobbledygook. I’ve described in great detail the RnA Drops in my iCell Patent which is available online and discussed the drops in several blogs and articles: It’s the RNA not the DNA. RnA Drops Tribute Show and Programming RNA: The Future of Medicine.

But for people who think this “advanced technology” just seems like “magic,” and magic offends you, then please don’t engage. I’m not “trying to tell you something or sell you something” that you don’t intuitively feel attracted to. If I did that, I would be prescribing and you would make me responsible for your outcome.

For me it’s a huge step to be involved with creating products at all but if that also offends you, like I said previously, you don’t have to engage. If, however, you want to know more about your health being a Given and the Magic in Medicine tune in to Achieve Radio, 7PM Eastern 6PM Central, 4PM Pacific, 1PM Hawaii. If you want to ask questions Phone or Skype: 602-666-6027 For More information go to my Achieve Radio Home Page You can click on Show Archives to access previous 1-hour long Health Conference Calls.

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