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Magnesium, Endurance Athletes & Atrial Fibrillation

June 26, 2013

In a Medscape blog by an electrophysiology cardiologist called “Endurance Exercise and Heart Disease: Look for Clues in the Genes” it seems the good doctor has stopped looking for a proper reason for heart disease.

Yes, when all else fails – blame the genes. Researchers say that gene mutations that code for certain proteins in the tissue of the right ventricle can lead to a form of cardiomyopathy with the unwieldy name, arrhythmogenic right ventricular dysplasia (ARVD). I’m convinced these names are created in a smoke-and-mirrors attempt to make doctors sound like they know something we don’t.

What they don’t seem to know, in this case, is that the highest amount of magnesium in the body is found in the heart. Once the genome project tanked we realized that genes don’t control us. Epigenetics, or the environment around genes – (read magnesium) control us! From the genome project some researchers went into the Proteome project and lo and behold discovered 3,741 magnesium receptors on human protein!

Using the “cute” byline: Trials and Fibrillations, this doctor’s far-from-cute message ignores magnesium. His article lays out the problem with ARVD and unknowingly identifies magnesium deficiency perfectly saying “Disruption of the architecture of cell-cell coupling sets up a milieu favorable for arrhythmia.” If the cells are damaged (because of magnesium deficiency) they can’t electrically couple to create the proper heart rhythm (because of magnesium deficiency). How many athletes, how many people have damaged heart cells due to magnesium deficiency making the electrical contracting ability of the heart erratic?

Other blogs by this doctor report on the Heart Rhythm Society meetings where I received The Arrhythmia Alliance Outstanding Medical Contribution to Cardiac Rhythm Management Services Award 2012, but nothing about magnesium is ever mentioned. Such remarkable bias against something as simple as magnesium for support of the heart muscle and function has reached a level of malpractice. We can only hope that a tipping point is reached with public education so that doctors will have to take note.

The writer of this blog says he can’t figure out why endurance athletes have “mysterious heart disease.” A study on rats that had a genetic predisposition to heart disease developed ARVD when stressed with exercise and the researchers immediately concluded that the genes were at fault. Lord Suffering Cats! Strenuous exercise diminishes magnesium levels and leads to heart disease by epigenetically turning on the heart disease gene.

Then our doctor mentions focal cardiomyopathy, which is heart scarring that can cause arrhythmia. He says that marathoner and Ironman studies find heart enzyme elevations and transient functional impairments of the Right and Left Ventricles. These defects mostly resolve, but some hearts develop persistent scarring. The writer ends by saying that “The answer will be found in the genes.” But it won’t, the answer is in your Magnesium RBC levels.

Just as I was getting ready to send this blog out the door I found a report on a European Heart Journal study proving conclusively that endurance athletes are at higher risk for heart arrhythmia, especially atrial fibrillation. The study followed 52,000 cross country skiers for decades in another colossal waste of money (in my opinion). But they are still clueless as to what it is about heavy exercise that causes the problem. It’s obvious to anyone who has read my book or read magnesium studies that magnesium deficiency causes heart disease in athletes.

Why waste any more time and money on useless studies? Let’s measure Mag RBC before a race and after a race and see just how much magnesium is lost. Do it yourself through Request A Test for $49.00 and send me the results!

Here’s a case history by my magnesium-activist friend, Morley Robbins on the Magnesium Advocacy Facebook page.

“A couple of years before Carolyn Dean hijacked my life with her amazing book, The Magnesium Miracle, I trained for and completed the Olympic distance Triathlon in Chicago. I survived the swim (ugly, but finished it), nailed the bike (thought I was Lance…) and then was pumped to do the run, but my legs TOTALLY LOCKED UP. I panicked! I ended up having to walk half the course. Looking back, I realize that I had totally expended every free magnesium molecule in my body — save those in my heart! To this day, I thank the good Lord for letting me finish that race without collapsing while gripping my locked up chest muscle.”

Become a Magnesium Advocate!
I know many of your are already spreading the word but here are some ways you can be part of the grass roots movement that will save lives.
1. Several clients buy cases of Magnesium Miracle books and hand them out whenever anyone in their vicinity seems to be complaining about magnesium deficiency symptoms.
2. Write a review on for the Magnesium Miracle to encourage others to read the book.
3. Give a copy of Magnesium Miracle as your main gift for every occasion. After all, how valuable is saving a life?
4. Give a copy of Magnesium Miracle to all your doctors and health care professionals.
5. Get a Magnesium RBC test and take magnesium so your levels stay at an optimum 6.5mg/dL.
6. Share your Magnesium Miracle stories with anyone who will listen.

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