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The Future of Medicine

June 14, 2013

I’ve recently returned from a fabulous trip back east. I lectured to a group of wonderful practitioners in Madison, WI about RnA Drops, ReMag and ReMyte. The response was amazing as practitioners began muscle testing and machine testing the products and finding them superior to any others and capable of treating all manner of disease and imbalance. I know the products are superior but this validation was extraordinary and unsolicited.

In Chicago, I spoke three times at the Health Freedom Expo and answered questions all three days at our RnA Drops booth. We had more incredible experiences as many people sampled the drops (only 3-4 drops) and reported amazing, positive reactions in their bodies that very day. Some within the hour of taking them!

Several lecturers at Expo listed all the things you shouldn’t eat (GMOs, fruit, eggs, dairy, gluten, sugar, chicken, meat as well as anything processed or cooked). They maintained that a raw diet and green drinks were the solution to poor health. I spoke on a Food Panel and said that people will end up feeling guilty when they can’t follow such a strict diet and even more guilty when they eat so-called “banned” foods. I spoke with people who were on these strict diets who had obvious symptoms of magnesium deficiency (cramps, insomnia, headaches and heart palpitations) which proves the absolute lack of magnesium in green plants.

Our booth was the only one that didn’t promote food fear. We maintain that you can take your RnA Drops, ReMag and ReMyte and ReAline and feel happy and free to eat and do whatever you want (within reason LOL) because your body is making perfect cells with the RnA Drops, using ReMag and ReMyte for structural integrity and ReAline for detoxification.

There were also practitioners on the exhibit floor who had booths from which they tested people and told them they had long lists of problems. This is similar to the fear-based approach of allopathic medicine where they “create the disease and then offer the cure.”

My approach is much different. I know that most dis-ease is caused by stress and conflict and the body tries to solve the conflict by putting the dis-ease in the body. (Total Biology) I believe our bodies are perfect but we just don’t realize it. I believe that our cells strive for this perfection but may be lacking the right building blocks. I also believe that our bodies, which have adapted to all manner of changes in the environment for millennia, should be able to adapt to the bad food, chem trails, radiation, fluoride and chlorine and the 50,000 other chemicals we’ve developed. A tall order? Maybe so, but I’d rather perfect my cells and allow my body to adapt rather than live in a haze of fear for the next 100 years. And what I’m learning I’m passing on! You can read more in my article for Natural News called: Programming RNA: The Future of Medicine.

Magnesium Stories
Here’s a short note from a dentist whose seizures are under control after several surgeries for epilepsy with seizure medication and magnesium. He says “What’s remarkable is that seizures were not a part of my life post-surgically (1982) until I lost 85 pounds in 3 months (1998) and took too much Vitamin D (2011). I had a close call a couple of months ago 2 hours after I had a flu shot and tetanus shot simultaneously, but taking extra magnesium stopped a full-blown seizure from coming on. These stressors had to be quite powerful for them to overwhelm the properties of the medication and magnesium.

I told him to get a Magnesium RBC test to see if he was indeed saturated with magnesium. It’s likely he is not, so he has no reserve for stressful events. You can get your own test through Request-A-Test for $49.00. But remember, you are looking for an optimum level of 6.5mg/dL.

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