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Magnesium & Alzheimer’s

July 3, 2013

I received an email from a friend who interviewed me in the past about magnesium. She said that June was a DISMAL month with her elderly father requiring emergency surgery that threw him into post-operative delirium because of his Alzheimer’s. She said it was a nightmarish ordeal as he became delusional and violent and all the hospital could do was pump him full of anti-psychotic drugs, which only made things worse. Finally, she and her mother insisted that the doctors start giving him magnesium and B complex. They brought their own magnesium and B’s with them each day and gave it to him. She reported that within hours of getting him on magnesium and B’s he started to pull out of his delirium! She said “I have zero doubt it saved his life.” She said “We have also noticed that the sundowning effect of his Alzheimer’s is greatly lessened since we started him on magnesium in the afternoons.”

My friend said that “The attending doctors were all great- as much as they could be given mainstream mindsets – very loving and supportive but they couldn’t figure out WHY we thought B VITAMINS and MAGNESIUM would be of any help! This is a HUGE problem taking place in our healthcare system when information about simple nutrients is not known by our doctors.”

How much greater would our health care system be if these doctors would only learn how to use magnesium to save people’s lives!

I recently found a free book online called Magnesium in the Central Nervous System. 2011. You can read it online or print it out. This book is definitely something you can use in your “discussions” with doctors as you try to convince them to give your loved ones magnesium while they dying in hospital from magnesium deficiency!

I typed out the list of chapter titles to give you the scope of magnesium therapy for the CNS, which includes ageing, hearing loss, stroke, Parkinson’s Alzheimer’s, hyperactivity, autism, psychoses, depression, drug abuse and addiction.

Section One
Magnesium in Normal Brain
1. Free magnesium concentration in human brain
2. Intracellular magnesium homeostasis
3. Magnesium transport across the blood-brain barriers
4. Intracellular free Mg2+ and MgATP2- in coordinate control of protein synthesis and cell proliferation
5. Magnesium and the Ying-Yang interplay in apotosis
6. Brain magnesium homeostasis as a target for reducing cognitive ageing
Section 2: Magnesium in Neurological Diseases
7. The role of magnesium therapy in learning and memory
8. The role of magnesium in headache and migraine
9. Magnesium in edema and blood-brain barrier disruption
10. Magnesium and hearing loss
11. The role of magnesium in pain
12. The role of magnesium in traumatic CNS injury
13. The use of magnesium in experimental cerebral ischaemia
14. Magnesium in subarachnoid hemorrhage
15. Magnesium in clinical stroke
16. Magnesium in cancer: more questions than answers
17. Magnesium in Parkinson’s disease: an update in clinical and basic aspects
Section 3: Involvement of Magnesium in Psychiatric Diseases
18. Magnesium and Alzheimer’s disease
19. Magnesium and stress
20. Magnesium in neuroses
21. Magnesium, hyperactivity and autism in children
22. Magnesium in psychoses (schizophrenia, bipolar disorder)
23. Magnesium and major depression
24. Magnesium in drug abuse and addiction

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