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Diabetes More Costly Without Magnesium

August 11, 2013

A recent CME (Continuing Medical Education) course on diabetes wasn’t about treating diabetes but focused on “The Cost Burden of Diabetes.” Before I got to the content of the course I had to scroll through several pages to read the numerous financial disclosures of the 12 CME course faculty members. They had between 3-14 affiliations with pharmaceutical companies or ran their own medical consulting firms. Make no mistake, financial disclosure just makes it legal for doctors to recommend the drugs produced by the companies they work for, it doesn’t protect the public from their bias and they don’t offer any alternatives. The course began with the doctors congratulating themselves that there was a decrease in the incidence of diabetic kidney disease. And then in the next breath they said that diabetes is the leading cause of end-stage kidney disease in this country! How is that anything to be celebrated? They patted themselves on the back saying that with more aggressive secondary therapies of statins, aspirin, and blood pressure drugs there is a progressive improvement in outcomes in people with diabetes. But then agreed that the incidence of diabetes is increasing every year. The current cost for diabetes consumes over one-third of the Medicare budget. When the experts looked at the numbers they found that lo and behold, the cost of drugs was mostly responsible! DUH! As you readers probably know, magnesium deficiency is a sign of diabetes. So, the cost of drugs to treat magnesium deficiency diabetes and the magnesium deficiency created by the drugs they take, just escalates the costs and the disability. They said that the average cost per prescription, per month is over $87 for a patient with diabetes. Yet someone with diabetes is usually on at lead 6 medications. Then they blamed the increase in diabetes and its side effects to patients for not taking their drugs with a noncompliance rate of 41%. To handle noncompliance they recommended the usual fear tactics: Doctors were advised to tell their patients that if they didn’t take their medications they could suffer heart complications, stroke, kidney disease and possible amputations. When they finally got into preventing diabetes it was mostly about giving everyone metformin, an old time diabetes drug that is not even approved for the prevention of diabetes. A less expensive and safer way to prevent and treat diabetes is to optimize your magnesium levels. You can do your own clinical trial. Get your Magnesium RBC test through Request A Test, for only $49.00 and aim for a 6.0-6.5mg/dL level. Magnesium deficiency is one of the signs of diabetes but you will never find that out unless you do your own blood test because your doctor will not do it routinely. Magnesium is the one nutrient that optimizes blood sugar levels, enhances insulin secretion, allows glucose to enter cells, prevents insulin resistance and helps detoxify medications. Instead of using statin drugs and blood pressure meds for the complications of diabetes – use magnesium! Of course it’s not all about magnesium, but it’s a start. I follow up with ReMyte, a multiple mineral combination. The experts acknowledge that fatty foods and high-calorie foods are also to blame, especially when they are cheaper than healthier foods. What we have to do as a society and as individuals is demand that our farmers, grocery stores and restaurants offer healthy, organic, non GMO food. If you don’t eat those foods, then tell your farmers, grocery store manager, and restaurant owner why! We also have to make sure our family and friends know they are missing out if they don’t take magnesium and we have to look out for each other. You are in charge of your own health, not your doctor and not your government. The forms of magnesium I recommend are ReMag, Natural Calm, Magnesium Oil and Epsom Salts baths. See below for links to more information. You can also read my blogs: Diabetes Can Be Reversed and Dealing with Diabetes.

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