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Diabetes Drug Deaths

September 28, 2013

You would think a drug is put in place to increase your chances for a longer life. Not the case in many drugs, including a class of diabetic drugs called sulfonylureas.

A recent study shows that these drugs significantly increase the risk for death in patients with type 2 diabetes when compared with treatment with metformin. The combination of metformin and a sulfonylurea was also associated with a significantly increased risk for death when compared with combination therapy with metformin and a dipeptidyl peptidase-4 inhibitor.

You may notice that drug companies no longer compare a drug to placebo in their trials, but compare it to another drug. That’s because most of the time a placebo will outperform a drug! Seeing those results over and over, surely the public would eventually say “Lord Suffering Cats, why am I taking a drug when taking nothing works better?”

Dr. Craig Curry, at the European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD) 2013, where these studies were unveiled said “I am bewildered that (sulfonylurea) is still being used. People should avoid using a drug where the balance of evidence, at the moment, demonstrates that it kills people.” Yes, that’s right Craig. So, why, when the evidence shows that a drug kills people do doctors go on prescribing it?

In my Death by Modern Medicine: Seeking Safe Solutions book I present studies showing that doctors only recognize drug side effects FOUR PERCENT of the time.  And medical mishaps and adverse drug reactions are covered up like a rug. Only about TEN PERCENT see the light of day. A recent article in Scientific American reviews the data on Medical Mistakes and finds that it’s not 98,000 a year like the IOM reported in 1999; it’s not 180,000 in Medicare patients alone as reported in 2010 by the Inspector General for Health and Human Services, but more like 440,000 patients per year. My numbers are closer to the truth at about 900,000 unnecessary deaths annually.

There was another chilling revelation in EASD. Cardiologists railed against the Diabetologists saying “Heart Failure Is Killing Your Diabetes Patients.” The “attention” that the Cardiologists demand is in the form of a bucket list of drugs to take to prevent heart disease, diuretics to prevent high blood pressure, and statins to prevent cholesterol.

Nowhere in the articles is there any mention that one of the medical signs of diabetes is low magnesium or that magnesium treats high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Do they not know that the highest levels of magnesium are found in the heart? And no one mentions that most drugs drain the body of magnesium and just hasten heart failure. Sure, there is more to it than just magnesium, but for Crying Out Loud, please start somewhere and do it with a nutrient as necessary and as safe as magnesium.

Doctors have limited their view of health and disease to diagnosing disease symptoms and treating with drugs. But increasingly they are using drugs in a misguided and fatal effort to prevent disease. They will never succeed. And in the meantime people are dying. The doctors know people are dying, they study and enumerate the deaths, but they seem to be utterly blind to any solution other than More Drugs that Kill More People.

One reason why blinders are worn by many doctors became evident in the Disclosure documents of these presenters. Each speaker had a long list of drug companies (some had more than a dozen) from which they receive funding. Obviously, “Do not bite the hand that feeds you.” has become more important than the Hippocratic Oath “First Do No Harm.”

Carolyn Dean MD ND

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