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Turning Off the RNA Cholesterol Gene!

October 6, 2013

Rant Alert!!   Hold onto your hats, people, the proverbial crap is about to hit the fan with the latest efforts of the pharmaceutical industry. Even though cholesterol is being shunted aside as The Cause of heart disease in favor of Inflammation, medical research marches on. NOW they want to mess with your RNA. They probably heard that my RnA Drops effectively create new, perfect cells so they decided that’s the way to go. But typically, instead of enhancing RNA, they decided to turn off the RNA gene that makes LDL cholesterol! My first reaction was to gasp at the level of hubris, arrogance and stupidity that goes into such thinking – but look what they have already done with GMOs! I wrote the following a decade ago in my Death by Modern Medicine book. “Genetic engineering, and gene therapy, are major avenues that drug companies and modern medicine are pursuing to develop new lines of revenue as more and more drugs are recalled because of the high rate of side effects. When scientists on the Human Genome Project claimed that identifying all the genes in the body would allow us to have complete control over our bodies, everybody believed this Star Trek fantasy. In 1990, Dr. French Anderson, Director of Gene Therapy at the University of Southern California Medical School, performed the first human gene therapy experiment. Unfortunately, the procedure, on a young four‐year old girl was successful. Unfortunate, because the first experience was such a huge success, it created a very optimistic view of the procedure. By 1996, according to Dr. Anderson, gene experiments in over 3,000 participants mostly ended in tragedy. Ten years later, the evidence for gene therapy solving all our problems is still remote.”

When the Human Genome Project found only one third of the genes they predicted, the scientists realized that genes don’t control individual body processes but work synergistically with epigenetic factors in the environment including vitamins, minerals, diet, stress, toxins etc. But instead of pursuing the study of these things that turn genes on and off they continue to declare that faulty genes can create fatal disease like cancer. This just directs people to chop off body parts instead of learning how to make their genes work as God and nature intended.

Turning off a gene involved with cholesterol metabolism may sound promising to scientists. But GENES DO MORE THAN ONE THING!! They are multitaskers and they are affected by their environment in a way that has never been studied. So, I’m back to wishing I had continued in Honors Biology-majoring in Genetics so I could have isolated the STUPIDITY gene and removed it from medical scientists. With the public backlash against antibiotics, cholesterol drugs and vaccines, I’m afraid the focus will be on genetic “solutions” to disease and drug companies will continue to be the most lucrative industry on the planet.

My advice is to stay far, far away from anything to do with synthetic genetic manipulation but instead create perfect cells with a safe, food-based formula called RnA Drops.

Carolyn Dean MD ND

The Doctor of the Future®

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