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Why Worry about Radiation?

November 8, 2013

On Facebook someone recently asked me how to deal with radiation from Fukushima. I blogged about Radiation Therapies and Alternatives for Disease and Radiation shortly after Fukushima and I’m still of the opinion that Clay and Magnesium Baths are a great defense against radiation.

But is the radiation from Fukushima that dangerous?

As usual, I have a contrary opinion to most people who are terrified of radiation. I am in agreement with Paul Lavely a Radiation and Radiation Risk expert. (Paul offers his email address for interested parties: pjcrs@pacbell.net). Paul told me that “UC Berkeley’s nuclear engineering department has monitored radioactive materials reaching the west coast from Japan. They report little above the lower limit of detection. Risk level is Essentially zero. However, let’s assume that the dose reaching California from Japan is 1 mRem per person (1 chest x-ray is about 5 mRem) AND the annual background radiation is 300 mRem. Therefore over a lifetime of 70 years we have an increase from 21,000 mRem to 21,001. I repeat, there is no risk.”

Paul went on to say that if people really want to decrease their risk for disease, they should stop smoking, lose weight, exercise and stop worrying about minutia.

Personally, I’m not interested in spending my life being fearful of something that may not even be a problem. It’s becoming painfully obvious to many that the more your worry about something the more possibility that you simply attract that negative scenario into your life.

But if you want to take action and keep your body in top working condition and assist your body in dealing with radiation or any other toxins, I still recommend LL’s Magnetic Clay and Magnesium Flakes. Since I posted two years ago on Radiation Therapies, I’ve found many articles on the internet recommending calcium bentonite clay as a natural radiation detox. I’ve also spoken to Japanese magnesium researchers who say magnesium prevents radiation damage. Magnesium is a powerful antioxidant.

I had been taking a Clay and Magnesium baths every day for ages, but then I got busy writing 4 books and dropped my baths. What happened? I noticed I developed armpit odor that had been eliminated with my baths! I wrote about this in Clay and Magnesium Baths Banish Body Odor.

So, it’s obvious that my baths are helping my body to detoxify by pulling out toxins and without my baths I go back to having to eliminate my own toxins. Of course there are many other external ways to detox: Saunas, baking soda and sea salt in the bath but, for me, the Clay and Magnesium baths are very easy to do and a great way to relax. (For the Clay portion, I blend up ½ cup of LL’s Natural Clay in a blender and pour into my bath. Thus there is no danger of clay clogging your drains. Then I add 2 cups of Magnesium Flakes.)

For internal detox, I take RnA Drops every day to make perfect cells that can handle radiation and ReAline (a glutathione precursor with methylated B vitamins) to “clean out the trash.” You can read several blogs about RnA Drops: “RnA Drops: It’s the RNA Not the DNA!” and “RnA Drops Tribute Show.” For more about RnA Drops and all the Total Body ReSet formulas, listen and/or call in to my weekly radio show “Live with Dr. Dean” on Achieve Radio every Monday at 4pm PST.

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