Holiday Appreciation and Gifts

December 23, 2013

I send out thanks and appreciation to everyone as I recap an amazing year!!

A 3-hour Coast to Coast AM radio appearance allowed the message of magnesium to be heard by millions. A video and article – Magnesium: The Missing Link to Better Health has had over 270,000 views. People are telling me that these two pieces of magnesium education, especially the video, are the best way to get their friends and family involved with this important mineral.

Happily, our new RnA Drops Website went Live December 22, 2013! Check it out. It’s quite awesome!

RnA Drops are giving people a new chance at perfect cells and amazing mental/emotional/physical health. ReMag is more powerful and safer than IV magnesium. ReMyte (just released March 22/13) is bringing back people’s thyroids and adrenal glands. ReNew is working miracles on the skin. ReAline is clearing out the trash! They all make great presents. In the meantime, under the Knowledge Base on the site you can download free copies of Invisible Minerals Part I and Part II about ReMag and ReMyte and send them around to your friends and family.

I’m also remodeling my own website. My updated Health Library can be viewed at Organized Wisdom. It contains an outrageous amount of information, almost 600 videos, audios and articles including a new RnA Drops and Total Body ReSet formula Link.

If your friends don’t believe the health care system has failed us, I give you – Helke Ferrie, a brilliant medical anthropologist and health writer who is offering her latest book Creative Outrage for free on her website. It describes the plight of millions caught in a system that allows the pharmaceutical industry to create drugs simply for huge profits.

In the New Year you can have a happier time with some basic iON philosophies. Relax & Allow. Would you rather be Happy or Right? Love is not an Emotion, it’s a Force Field. There are lots of websites where you can play with iON: HowIonic; Ginney’s 2012RnARadio Site; Bart’s RnA Drops Blog: Bart’s Interactive Website.

Starting December 27, 2013 is The Ultimate Women’s Health Summit. An end-of-the year symposium that will help you make great health choices for 2014 – and it’s free. There are 24 guest speakers with 2 speakers on the virtual podium every day. My talk is on December 29th and it’s on my favorite topic – Magnesium. Please join now and show your support.

Carolyn Dean MD ND

The Doctor of the Future®

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