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Fighting Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

January 30, 2014

Fibromyalgia (FM) and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) are caused by a combination of yeast overgrowth, a lack of magnesium and a deficiency of minerals that leads to thyroid, adrenal and sex hormone weakness.The list of symptoms and conditions related to FM and CFS is long and can be overwhelming to the mind adding to the chronic stress and suffering. I’ve studied chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia from the beginning, so I know what works.

1. Rest: Read Lying Down Therapy 

2. Very gentle exercise

3. Balancing minerals (ReMag, ReMyte)

4. Treating yeast. See The Yeast Connection Website

5. Detoxing (with ReAline)

6. Taking RnA Drops to make “perfect” cells

7. “Knowing” that you will get well

Women of “action” are hit the most with FM and CFS and they want to keep taking action to fix it. So, it’s actually not a matter of “fighting” these conditions but the opposite is necessary – Relaxing and Allowing as your genius body takes over and the new perfect cells you are creating are not affected by words of hopelessness.

Allopathic medicine treats FM and CFS with a host of drugs, including pain medication. The ones that have added fluoride molecules are the worst because they bind magnesium making it unavailable for its 700-800 enzyme functions in the body – including energy and treating pain and inflammation!

I received the following email from a nutritional psychologist who works in pain management. She says: “Most of my patients are on multiple drug ‘cocktails’ too numerous to list. The pain docs recommend so many drugs that I have to spend hours going over them with each person. The latest was a patient who was told by his doctor not to tell me, that he was given Topamax for weight loss. This patient (60 years old) wasn’t even overweight! He was already on 22 drugs and this was #23! His doctor also instructed the patient to ‘not look the drug up on the internet as it would scare him!’ Even I was shocked. I have heard so many experiences like this one. Doctors do literally force these drugs on patients and get very angry if they are questioned. Many patients in my practice just don’t take the drugs and drop them off at the drug re-cycling centers! What is actually going on in medicine is beyond me. I have been a medical psychologist for over 30 years and have never seen this type of overuse of drugs and over reactions of physicians.”

Carolyn Dean MD ND

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