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Killer Beta Blocker Guidelines

January 16, 2014

Just in time to add to the outrage expressed in the 3rd Edition of my Death by Modern Medicine book comes a provocative headline “Killer Guidelines” in my Medscape mail alerting me to an article in Forbes called “Medicine or Mass Murder: Guideline Based on Discredited Research May Have Caused 800,000 Deaths in Europe Over the Last 5 Years.” It seems that European guidelines to give everyone beta blockers to prevent heart symptoms during any type of surgery has lead to many unnecessary deaths. The original paper, studying the problem found data was faked to create the guidelines and there were at least 10,000 deaths each year from the inappropriate use of beta blockers. Further research published Jan 3, 2014 in the European Heart Journal under the title Research Failure Can Result In Lost Lives estimates as many as 800,000 people in Europe over the last 5 years were killed by these inappropriate guidelines. Researchers say the number of lives lost “is so large that the only context in the last 50 years comes from the largest scale professional failures in the political sphere.” Forbes says that “The 800,000 deaths are comparable in size to the worst cases of genocide and mass murder in recent history.” The Forbes article ended with the following “There is, it has now become clear, a general lack of concern and response to evidence of scientific fraud and misconduct. Journal editors, deans, department chairs, and others seem more concerned with protecting the reputation of their respective institutions than aggressively upholding the integrity of science and research.”

I read the EHJ paper online but one hour later, I could no longer access it! I wanted to quote the part where the main concerns expressed seemed to be for the humiliating blow to so-called scientific research but nothing said about the incredible number of lives lost. Of course, I wondered why it was pulled.

My message? Magnesium deficiency is often the underlying causes of heart disease and is a natural calcium channel blocker, beta blocker, statin, ACE Inhibitor and diuretic without the harmful side effects. Giving magnesium before and during surgery will save lives, not extinguish them like this beta blocker fiasco.

More than Magnesium: After a recent blog, someone reminded me that tachycardia can also be due to underlying psychological problems. She said: “I was in my late thirties when I began to get tachycardia. I had 3 children, a husband, a mother and I was taking care of all of them.  After suffering symptoms for a few months I put on my thinking cap.  We were middle class, ate well and lived well so I knew it was not a physical ailment.  I sat with the tachycardia day after day and began monitoring what was going on psychologically.  I went through all known problems and finally got down to my mother.  The minute I realized the fear I had of her the palpitations stopped.  A few days later I decided to test this revelation.  I sat down on the couch and thought of my mother and the palpitations started.  I started to laugh.  The culprit was emotional. Once the fear was understood it died and I never had another twinge. This really elevated my understanding of the mind/body system.”

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