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Ultimate Bernie Siegel & A Makeover

January 2, 2014

Today, Bernie Siegel took the stage at The Ultimate Women’s Health Summit. Sign up and you’ll be sent an email with the URL to attend the archive of this free lecture and all the ones from the previous week. I appeared on Day 3 and that audio is still available. Also, most speakers have bonus gifts to share. There are 27 guest speakers with 2 speakers on the virtual podium every day. Please join now and support your own health.

The makeover that I’ll share was inspired by my Dec 28, 2013 post on Balancing Adrenals & Thyroid. A 47-year old woman with 6 children ages 18-5 wrote me about her anxiety and panic attacks, daily heart palpitations and 3 tachycardia episodes over the last 2 years. All the doctors could find was low iron. She said that 3 different cardiologists said there was nothing wrong with her heart but she must have an “inclination toward tachycardia and beta blockers should take care of it.” She did not want to be on drugs so early in her life but she said she goes to bed every night afraid and is afraid every day. She said she just began to take magnesium, calcium, Vitamin D, 5000iu due to deficiency, and Vitamin K. She also recently changed her diet and is trying to stick to a lean protein, vegetables, seeds and nuts.

I was pretty shocked by this story, especially doctors medicating an “inclination to tachycardia!” Here is what I wrote back about what I would personally do.

1. If I had 6 children, my thyroid would be low and that might not show up on blood tests.
2. When one mineral (iron) is low, most of them are usually low.
3. When magnesium is low, anxiety, panic attacks, palpitations and tachycardia occur.
4. Taking more than 1,000 iu a day of Vit D depletes magnesium.
5. Taking calcium depletes magnesium.
6. Full Disclosure: The minerals I take and recommend are my own. ReMag for magnesium and ReMyte for multiple minerals including the 6 minerals that the thyroid needs to function properly and minerals for adrenal support.
7. I take 1/2 tsp three times a day of ReMag but needed 1 tsp three times a day at the beginning to get rid of my heart palpitations and leg cramps. After two months I only needed the 1/2 tsp three times a day.
8. I take 1/2 tsp three times a day of ReMyte, which got me off Armour thyroid meds.
9. For the adrenals I also take 1/4 tsp sea salt in every pint of drinking water and drink 1/2 my body weight in ounces of water per day.
10. If you have more questions google my name and the question and I’ve most likely written about it.

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