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Break Free From Your Depression

March 20, 2014

Host Katie Wagner is a very brave person. She takes a condition that most people don’t even want to talk about and looks it straight in the eye with each of her 21 Expert Guests.  Katie’s Break Free From Your Depression Telesummit runs from April 1-April 11, 2014 with 2 speakers per day.

Please click the link and sign up now to receive instructions on how to attend. My interview lays out some very important ground rules on April 1st, the very first day. I won’t touch April Fools jokes with a ten-foot pole, this Telesummit is dead serious! It’s about a condition that is treated VERY badly.

In my interview I talk about the SSRI drugs that are laced with fluoride molecules, which bind up magnesium, only making you more anxious and depressed. For depression I recommend ReMag because it reaches therapeutic levels without any laxative effect. I also talk about the need for ReMyte, which supplies 12 minerals that are necessary to support the thyroid and adrenals and sex hormones because when those hormones are out of balance, our mood suffers. I address yeast overgrowth, which has a prominent place in the creation of depression, yet it is blatantly overlooked by allopathic medicine. ReMag, ReMyte and natural yeast treatment are the basis for the successful treatment of depression.

Please know that there are many options and solutions for depression and this Telesummit gives you dozens of them.


1. “1 am 29. I first started feeling depressed when I was 14. I suffer very badly from anxiety, and anxious negative thinking. I first started taking medication when I was 18. The medication made me sick over a long time, both more depressed and physically sick. Last July I discovered magnesium and started taking that and took myself off the medication and my physical wellbeing is better and my depression improved.”

2. “Thank you for your continued posts! Your advice on magnesium has helped me conquer migraines and depression.”


This is a new feature of my blogs to help you wade through the media on medicine.

1. A Medscape article announced that: “Alzheimer’s Takes a Double Toll on Women.” But they can’t tell you why. Here’s what I think: women take far more calcium supplements than men and without enough magnesium to “dissolve” that calcium out of brain tissues, it can cause Alzheimer’s and senility.

2. CBS News reports on recent studies showing that: “13 Million More Americans Would Take Statins If New Guidelines Followed.” Unfortunately, these guidelines are made to sell statin drugs, not make you live longer. Google “dangers of statin drugs” and educate yourself. Bottom line is that drugs to “prevent” problems cause problems because every drug has an average of 75 side effects!


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