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Total Body ReSet Products Distribution Update

March 31, 2014

I talk a lot about the corruption in the medical/pharmaceutical industry but unfortunately the same cut-throat tactics occur in the supplement industry. It’s one of the reasons why I avoided selling nutritional products in the past. After asking for full disclosure of their books and business practices, I’m being personally attacked by my former Total Body ReSet Products distributor, who is presently trying to trademark one of my products, replicate my products, and sell them to my customers using our customer email list to which I’ve been denied access.

Here is my statement:

We are happy to report that we are no longer working with Matthew David Hurtado and Sabrina Hurtado, our former distributors of the ReSet Products. We wish them the best, but not by using my name and the names of my products to promote their interests and finances.

They have gone public with an email to my customers and placed inaccurate notices on Facebook.

It appears that the Hurtados are promoting products that have nothing to do with me or my work and nothing to do with RnA Drops.

We are the sole owners, creators and producers of RnA Drops. These Drops cannot be infused or made into homeopathics because they are created generationally. They are always evolving, which makes them unique and not replaceable. We are currently processing the 95th Generation and have been producing this formula for over 3 years and will happily continue to do so. No one will ever be able to replicate this formula.

I personally created ReMag and ReMyte, perfecting those formulas over the past 10 years. They are 100% absorbed at the cellular level, and ReMag has no laxative effect making it equivalent to IV magnesium.

Matthew David Hurtado and Sabrina Hurtado stopped communicating with us on March 21, 2014, so we are busy creating a new website and will be working with a professional Fulfillment Center to continue providing our Total Body ReSet Products without excessive shipping and handling fees.

Within a month our new website will be available to process your orders.

Please feel free to share this notice with anyone who is taking the Total Body ReSet Products so they are up-to-date.

My work has always been patient-driven. I will continue, as always, to serve my patients and their interests first.

Carolyn Dean MD ND

The Doctor of the Future®

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