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Magnesium, Media and Mischief

March 7, 2014

Warning: This is definitely a Lord Suffering Cats message.

First the Mischief. The Saving Lives, Saving Costs Act, introduced in Congress will grant Medicare and Medicaid doctors increased liability protection. This Act would take malpractice suits out of the state and move them to federal courts and give them a “safe harbor” if they can demonstrate that they followed established clinical guidelines.

What does this really mean? The message will be very clear to doctors that DON’T follow the standard drugs and surgery practice of medicine that they will be “up the creek” if they practice alternative medicine and are sued. They will be wide open to “plants” being sent into their office and filing suits. It’s a way to cull out the doctors who are not conforming to the new Obama Care and making sure allopathic medicine maintains its monopoly.

I’m writing the 3rd Edition of my Death by Modern Medicine and from the evidence I’m gathering, I’m more convinced than ever that we absolutely have to take charge of our own health. Otherwise, it’s possible that patients will be sanctioned if they don’t comply with the drugs and surgery mandated by their doctors. You have been warned, but I’m not just giving you a fear-based message, I’m also giving you the answers. The bottom line is very simple. If you don’t have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood sugar, then you won’t be forced to take medications!

Over the decades I’ve been offering advice in my books, blogs, articles and videos. One nutrient that can be the turning point in your life is magnesium. My book, The Magnesium Miracle has sold over 100,000 copies, so it is having some impact.

Here is one of the latest reviews of on Amazon. The Magnesium Miracle is “One of this most complete and eye opening books I’ve read. I will use this information to help a lot of friends and family.” That’s the spirit! The new edition launches today and I want everyone to go to Amazon and buy several copies and give it to anyone who complains of the 56 conditions that are caused by magnesium deficiency. I personally take enough magnesium to give me a Magnesium RBC blood level of 6.0-6.5mg/dL. (NOTE: Amazon may not have the new edition listed until Monday Mar 10, but they will receive the new edition next week and start shipping. So, when you purchase your 6 copies, they will be the new edition.)

Read my blog Dr. Dean’s Supplement Recommendations to find out how I stay healthy and avoid doctors and drugs.

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