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Soft Launch RnA ReSet

April 26, 2014

Be careful what you say because your words do create!

A month ago when I began working on our new product website, our new Fulfillment House and the dozens of other pieces required to form a new distribution system, I said several times that what always takes the most time is the printing of labels.

And that’s what’s mainly holding up the hard launch of our new RnA ReSet website. However, next week we will launch! In the meantime go to RnA ReSet, and sign in with your email address so we can notify you directly the moment it happens.

All my unique, irreplaceable, effective products will be available: RnA Drops (Regular, ReBob and sample), ReMag, ReMyte, ReNew, ReAline and ReStructure.

Thank you all so much, I appreciate your patience and overwhelming support.

Much Aloha

Carolyn Dean MD ND

The Doctor of the Future®

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