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RnA ReSet Website Launch

May 17, 2014

The RnA ReSet website has launched. It features my unique, proprietary Total Body ReSet formulas: RnA Drops, ReMag, ReMyte, ReAline, ReStructure and ReNew. They are the culmination of 45 years of study and represent the Future of Medicine. In all those 45 years I’ve never found such a simple, inexpensive, all encompassing and effective treatment approach from this handful of formulas that are capable of helping every person at any level of health.We’ve been test-driving RnA ReSet for the past two weeks in a Soft Launch and have worked out all the kinks. Setting up a whole new website and fulfillment center was a huge job but it had to be done as quickly as possible so people whose very lives depend on the Total Body ReSet formulas would not go without. So, be sure to email or phone Customer Service listed under Contact on our website and alert us if you experience an anomaly!

Any minor contrast in creating this new portal was offset by hearing more amazing testimonials about the Total Body ReSet formulas. One 53-year old man, whose spine was painfully inflamed and rigid after 38 years of ankylosing spondylitis, within 3 months of taking RnA Drops, ReAline, ReMag and ReMyte got off all his meds and became so flexible he’s riding around on his bike. A 52-year old man, after 7 years of thrice weekly IV magnesium treatments, switched to ReMag, and now his magnesium blood levels have doubled and many of his symptoms have disappeared. Women with thyroid and adrenal imbalance and auto-immune disease find that ReMyte (multiple minerals) is the key to their recovery. ReAline (a glutathione precursor) has helped many people detox their bodies gently and safely. ReNew is a highly concentrated RnA Drops skin serum. It removes scars and skin defects and stimulates the health of underlying organs, nerves and tissues.

Regarding my Total Body ReSet formulas, I’ll repeat what I said on my March 31, 2014 blog that we are the sole owners, creators and producers of ReMag, ReMyte, ReAline, ReNew, ReStrucrure and RnA Drops. RnA Drops are created generationally. A portion of the preceding crop is mixed into the next crop so the drops are always evolving, which makes them unique and irreplaceable. We have arrived at the 108th Generation after 3 years of production. People may try to imitate this formula but no one will ever be able to replicate it.

I personally created ReMag and ReMyte, perfecting those formulas over the past 10 years. These minerals are not just ionic. Ionic simply means a charge, not a size. ReMag and ReMyte are processed to picometer size, making them 100% absorbed at the cellular level. ReMag is concentrated to 60,000ppm and has no laxative effect, making it superior to IV magnesium as evidenced by blood tests. Minerals are vital to the structure and function of the body. Properly absorbed minerals pull water into cells for crucial metabolic processes and prevent cellular dehydration. You are welcome to download the new updated editions of my books on ReMag and ReMyte from the FAQ section of RnA ReSet.

Another completely unique aspect of using my Total Body ReSet formulas is my availability to be on call to answer your health-related questions on my weekly radio show at Achieve Radio every Monday at 4pm PST.

Pass the word about RnA ReSet, a brand new website with a brand new feel.

Carolyn Dean MD ND

The Doctor of the Future®

RESOURCES: Along the borders and in the links of my web site you can find my books, writings, and my call-in radio show. Email your questions to: questions@drcarolyndeanlive.com.

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