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Body Black Belt Health Summit

June 28, 2014

This Online Health Summit is number 6 for me this year. It’s the latest way to share exciting health information to a wide audience. Host Travis Richardson – Trainer and Health Coach invited 21 masters in nutrition, fitness, and mindset to share their wisdom.

Some topics that will be covered:

• Minerals and hormones balance
• Emotional eating and food addiction
• “Bio-Hacking” & what it really means
• Balancing your blood sugar and hormones
• Mindfulness and how to combat stress and fatigue

The result is a holistic look at your health & wellness that draws on each expert’s unique understanding of self-mastery.

Free gifts and promotions are offered. And there are daily challenges that will give you an experiential understanding of the concepts and tools involved.

The Summit will run from July 7-July 31, 2014. During my interview on July 19, 2014, I talk about the Total Body ReSet formulas and achieving perfect health.

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Travis is a fitness coach and I’m excited to be able to discuss the importance of magnesium and minerals to his active sports-minded audience. Here’s what happens if you don’t replace the magnesium that you sweat out when you are working out. I’ve excerpted it from my Magnesium Miracle book.

“Years ago the coach of a Florida high school football team was concerned about his players’ frequent complaints of leg cramps, so he gave them a calcium supplement on a very hot day before a rigorous game. Early in the second half, eleven players became disoriented and had difficulty walking. Their speech was slurred, they complained of muscle spasms, and they were breathing very deeply. Within an hour, eight of the boys collapsed into full-blown seizures; two had repeated seizures. Those having the worst symptoms had been playing the hardest. Thirteen more players reported headaches, blurred vision, muscle twitching, nausea, and weakness.”

Even top athletes don’t know about magnesium. Read my article in Natural News LeBron James Has Magnesium Deficiency.

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