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No Clear Role For Vitamin D!

June 29, 2014

The title of this blog should have been Vitamin D Vindication because I’ve been warning people for years that Vitamin D is not your new best friend.

A stunning conclusion emerged from an April, 2014 BMJ assessment of 107 Vitamin D Reviews and 74 Meta-analysis called Vitamin D and Multiple Health Outcomes.

The researchers found that “Despite a few hundred systematic reviews and meta-analyses, highly convincing evidence of a clear role of vitamin D does not exist for any outcome, but associations with a selection of outcomes are probable.”

Of course they don’t define what these associations are; they probably don’t know. But I think Vitamin D works or doesn’t work depending on the amount of magnesium and other nutrients required by Vitamin D. When Vitamin D does work, it’s probably because people have sufficient amounts of the following nutrients:

• Magnesium
• Zinc
• Vitamin K2
• Vitamin A
• Boron

So, if you take Vitamin D in high doses and don’t have enough magnesium, zinc, Vitamin K2, Vitamin A or boron, then Vitamin D isn’t going to work. Or in the worst case scenario, the excess Vitamin D gives you symptoms of deficiency of these nutrients.

When someone is low in magnesium and they take high doses of Vitamin D (above 1,000 iu per day), their magnesium is further depleted and they experience symptoms of magnesium deficiency. People have told me about 6-week migraines, seizures, angina, heart palpitations, and muscle cramping when they take Vitamin D. Some very magnesium deficient people can get symptoms when they lie out in the sun because the Vitamin D they are making uses up what little magnesium they have.

I know people have claimed great benefits from high doses of Vitamin D, and maybe they had good amounts of the above nutrients. But I do know that long term use of high dose Vitamin D will eventually deplete magnesium.

I’m not against Vitamin D but it should be balanced with Vitamin A and Vitamin K2. That combination is available in fermented cod liver oil and butter oil in a product called Blue Ice Royal. For the other Vitamin D nutrients I recommend my ReMag and also ReMyte (which has zinc and boron along with 10 other minerals).

Just remember, high dose supplements can throw other nutrients out of balance. I think the only one that doesn’t do that is magnesium because it has the laxative fail-safe if you take too much. However the best way to take ReMag is to put your day’s does in a liter of water and sip through the day. That way you won’t waste a drop by taking a large amount at once that might find its way to your bladder before it’s fully absorbed into your cells. To learn more about magnesium read my book The Magnesium Miracle.

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