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Each Pregnancy Weakens The Thyroid

June 3, 2014

The America Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has come out with their first statement advising that pregnant and breast-feeding women take iodine supplements.

They are admitting something we have known for a long time in natural medicine. They say “Many women of reproductive age in the United States are marginally iodine deficient, perhaps because the salt in processed foods is not iodized.” The report warns that “Iodine deficiency, per se, can interfere with normal brain development in their offspring; in addition, it increases vulnerability to the effects of certain environmental pollutants, such as nitrate, thiocyanate, and perchlorate. Although pregnant and lactating women should take a supplement containing adequate iodide, only about 15% do so.”

They said that iodized table salt helped prevent iodine deficiency before the main source of salt in the US diet became processed foods, which are not prepared with iodized salt. The prevalence of iodine deficiency has risen along with consumption of processed foods, and about one third of pregnant women in the United States are now iodine-deficient. However, they don’t mention that the replacement of iodine with bromine to bread production was also a major cause of iodine being lost from the diet.

The AAP recommends 150 micrograms of supplemental iodide so that combined with dietary intake, should bring iodine consumption to the recommended 220 micrograms for pregnant women or 290 micrograms for breast-feeding women.

When I was in private practice, thyroid deficiency was something I routinely tested for in my pregnant patients. But the only accepted treatment was with thyroid hormone. Being a naturopath as well as a medical doctor, I prescribed Armour Thyroid instead of synthetic thyroid. Doctors who prescribe synthetic thyroid wait until the thyroid is on its last legs before treating because they know hormone replacement could shut down any normal production of thyroid hormone. However, with Armour thyroid we could prescribe it in very low doses to support the thyroid, not replace it.

Since then I’ve realized that the thyroid is activated and produces hormones under the direction of a group of minerals. One of those minerals is iodine, but another 8 minerals are also required. Just focusing on iodine or giving high dose iodine without the other minerals can cause an imbalance in these minerals and trigger a cascade of side effects throughout the body. For example, taking iodine without selenium causes selenium deficiency just as taking selenium without iodine causes iodine deficiency. As more research is done we may find out that all the thyroid minerals behave this way.

To support the proper function of the thyroid and keep all the minerals in balance I’ve created a Picometer Mineral™ Formula called ReMyte. It provides a 150ug daily dose of iodine along with 11 other minerals. The minerals are low potency but fully absorbed at the cellular level. I also recommend ReMag and sea salt to complete the mineral package that the body requires. I use ¼ tsp of sea salt in every pint of drinking water. Water intake guidelines are ½ your body weight (in pounds) in ounces of water.

The most important aspect of mineral balance is that minerals need to be inside cells to do their work as cofactors in all metabolic processes. Once inside the cells, minerals pull water in with them causing proper cellular hydration. If water doesn’t get into cells, you can have edema in various parts of the body but still be dehydrated. Diuretics are usually given for fluid retention and edema but only cause more magnesium and mineral loss due to increased urination.

The thyroid is depleted with each pregnancy. A weakened thyroid causes a lower body temperature and slower metabolism that favors the overgrowth of yeast in the body. Yeast toxins further disrupt hormones by blocking hormone receptor sites in the thyroid, adrenals and sex hormone tissues. There is no allopathic treatment for strained adrenals. It is only when they crash that steroid hormones are given. Sex hormones are treated with hormone replacement therapy but synthetic hormones are a cause of cancer.

My best advice is to support your thyroid with ReMyte and ReMag; support your adrenals with ReMag, sea salt and rest; and support your sex hormones with all of the above. You can freely download my ReMyte and ReMag Books to learn more and find out in a few hours what took me forty years to understand and remedy.

Carolyn Dean MD ND

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