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Calcified with Calcium & Vitamin D

June 24, 2014

A recent Medscape article caught my attention because it’s what I’ve been saying for years: Calcium and Vitamin D Supplements May Be Too Much.

A very intensive randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study concluded that “Calcium and Vitamin D supplementation may cause hypercalciuria and hypercalcemia in some postmenopausal women.” They are so concerned about the use of calcium supplements, at any dose, that they recommend that “Clinicians should measure blood and urine calcium levels at baseline and every 3 months” if they prescribe calcium and Vitamin D.

As I do, the researchers say “I would recommend that women determine how much calcium they typically get through their food sources before taking a hefty calcium supplement. They may not need as much as they think.”

Kidney stones have been reported in previous research in women who take calcium and vitamin D supplements compared with placebo. What else is wrong with too much calcium?

Let me count the ways in several of my blogs and articles.

1. Aging. Did You Know Calcium Causes Aging

2. Cancer. In , August 2012, I blow the whistle on DCIS, calcium and Vitamin D.

In this article, I say: “DCIS (ductal carcinoma in situ) is said to be a very early form of breast cancer. It’s described as being pre-cancerous, pre-invasive or non-invasive. So it’s not even cancer. It’s usually diagnosed on a screening mammogram and shows up as microcalcifications in breast tissue. However, microcalcifications are very common in the breasts. According to a doctor friend of mine who specializes in ultrasound and thermography diagnosis, the amount of calcification she sees in her clients is escalating year by year. This microcalcification is likely due to the overuse of calcium supplements, calcium fortification and the high doses of Vitamin D being prescribed without the proper balance of magnesium.”

3. Heart Disease. The Calcium Wars: Magnesium Deficiency Causes Heart Disease is an in depth article about brainwashing us to believe we need to take calcium supplement which has left our hearts and our brains calcified!

What about Vitamin D?
Read The Vitamin D Debate and Overdosing Vitamin D.

What are we going to do about all this calcium and Vitamin D? I recommend getting your necessary 600mg of calcium in your diet. Look up the list of calcium rich foods on page 23 of Invisible Minerals Part II – Multiple Minerals under the FAQ section on RnA ReSet. For Vitamin D, I take Blue Ice Royal from Green Pastures because it’s a balanced food-based formula of fermented cod liver oil and butter oil that provided Vitamin D, Vitamin A and Vitamin K2. And of course, I recommend a good magnesium that is fully absorbed and doesn’t cause the laxative effect. – ReMag.

Read The Insanity of Avoiding Magnesium on Natural News and make yourself sane by taking magnesium to counter the calcium in your body. Read Magnesium is Crucial for Bones on Huffington Post.

If you want more information, read my book The Magnesium Miracle on Amazon and once you do, go back and write a review to reinforce the need for magnesium to others. Also this week’s Nutritional Magnesium Association newsletter has a relevant article Magnesium Blocks Calcification of Arteries.

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