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Why Wait to Lose Weight?

June 19, 2014

An article on Medscape titled Hope on Horizon for Newer Obesity Drugs in Europe caught my eye. Apparently, the European Association for the Study of Obesity (EASO) thinks there is a dire lack of obesity drugs in the European Union.

Here’s how they express their dilemma “We cannot solve the obesity problem by surgery, and we know the clinical reality is that lifestyle therapy is failing in 80% to 90% of our patients. We are living in a very difficult environment, so we need drugs.”

Medicine has always ignored lifestyle and depends on drugs and surgery. And, obesity surgery is a bust as well. But, like my friend, Dr. Roby Mitchell says “You’ll never medicate your way out of diseases you behave yourself into.”

Thankfully there are online Summits that educate and inspire people and help them meet their lifestyle goals. For many people, just getting off GMO, refined, synthetic and fast foods is enough to make the pounds drop.

I’ve already participated in 4 different Summits this year and in July I’m a guest on the Body Black Belt Summit and the Sexy Summit where I talk about minerals and hormones and yeast overgrowth and detox. In the Sexy Summit, which you will hear more about soon, I’ll focus on the thyroid.

Did you know that pregnancy puts considerable strain on the thyroid that often goes unrecognized? Hypothyroid symptoms include: weight gain, fatigue, constipation, frequent infections and low body temperature. Even if blood tests show hypothyroidism, doctors will wait until your thyroid is rock bottom before offering you synthetic thyroid hormone replacement. Holistic doctors may treat you earlier but they still just use thyroid hormone replacement even though it is better because it’s natural. They also may use iodine therapy but most doctors don’t know that the thyroid needs at least 6 minerals in order to perform properly and make its own hormones. If you use high dose iodine, you can create deficiencies in your other minerals.

Then there is yeast overgrowth. A low body temperature, caused by a low thyroid, creates an excellent breeding ground for yeast. Yeast overgrowth in the intestines can occur after the use of antibiotics, the birth control pill and cortisone drugs. Yeast produces 178 different toxins that are absorbed from the GI tract into the blood and tissues. The body will retain fluid to dilute these toxins in the tissues and it will also store toxins in fat cells to get them out of circulation. Both measures lead to weight gain.

Yeast toxins will also block thyroid hormone receptors and mimic estrogen. I think yeast is one of the main reasons why we have an epidemic of low thyroid and perimenopause in women as young as 40.

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