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Blind to Magnesium

July 23, 2014

My previous blog, Eyeballing Magnesium produced a flurry of emails. One person said “I have keratoconus and I sent my doctor the study from Natural Eye Care that you mentioned in your blog. He said he researched the issue and only found one study. So he’s not giving any credence to the magnesium.”

I replied that the unfortunate thing about doctors and nutrients is that they still don’t learn about them in medical school and therefore don’t give them any credence. However, doctors say they want to see the science before believing something works, but when there is a study that shows some promise they say – show me more studies. So it falls back on what they believe. I told this person that magnesium does hundreds of things so take it for everything, not just for your eyes.

Hot on the heels of that email was one from another blog reader, who said “I have Keratoconus and my ophthalmologist recently said that it is so mild that they are questioning whether I actually have it! I was diagnosed 14 years ago by a doctor in Nashville TN. I have moved and changed doctors several times since then but have always been told that I definitely have it! As you know I’ve been taking ReMag since you introduced it and before that I was taking the other forms magnesium that you used to recommend as well as taking magnesium baths and using magnesium oil! I can now add Keratoconus to my list of health improvements due to Magnesium!!”

Even with conditions where magnesium has been proven to help, doctors remain blind. A blog reader asked his Cardiologist would he recommend magnesium. He responded that he hasn’t seen any “studies” to support such advice.

Here’s a long email from a blog reader describing her magnesium deficiency symptoms. But instead of being told to take magnesium, she has only been offered prescription drugs to suppress her symptoms.

“I believe I’m suffering from a SEVERE magnesium deficiency that has greatly impacted my life. On any list of magnesium-deficiency symptoms, I score extremely high. NO SURPRISE as I’m vegetarian, had been drinking alcohol excessively for several years, had a great deal of stress in my life, had chronic diarrhea for at least a year, ate a high sugar/acidic diet, suspected I have had Candida for years. I got a call from the nurse after my physical warning me that my yeast levels were high, though I didn’t know what that meant and wasn’t told what to do about it. I had been on antibiotics and the BCP a lot over the years, until recently I smoked for years and would eat chocolate for breakfast. The list goes on.

But then again, it IS a surprise, because I knew nothing about magnesium. Nothing about its vitally important role in the body, and how you can become deficient. And even worse, every doctor I told didn’t seem to know anything about magnesium either. Instead they gave me no help, no hope, a grim outlook, and gradually I keep getting worse.

What started a couple years ago as a small twitch under my eye has led to muscle weakness, muscle atrophy, nerve damage, body fasciculations, problems walking, balance problems, hyperreflexia, and the dark world of neuromuscular problems, among many other things.

I want to thank you for being a major force in what I believe will help me get well again, and will give me back my life. What will save my life. I have hope again.”

Carolyn Dean MD ND

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