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Do Cipro & Floroquinolone Antibiotics Cause Diabetes?

July 20, 2014

A blog reader and chemist, Stephen Telfer sent me his published medical paper: Fluoroquinolone Antibiotics and Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. Prompted by personal experience, Telfer researched the risk of developing diabetes after taking fluoroquinolone drugs like Cipro. He theorized from the existing research that fluoroquinolones induce magnesium deficiency inside cells that can lead to insulin resistance. He found that the incidence of DM from 1980–2011 matched the fluoroquinolone prescription rates.

You can read Telfer’s full paper online but in the abstract he says that “The data are consistent with fluoroquinolone exposure predisposing an individual to develop diabetes with a probability that strongly depends upon factors that also lead to an increase in obesity. According to the hypothesis, much of the increase in the incidence of type 2 diabetes in the U.S. from 1990 to the present can be attributed to fluoroquinolone exposure.”

The carboxyquinolone substructure of fluoroquinolones is a powerful chelator of ions like magnesium. Fluoride molecules when attached to a drug make it fat soluble creating a superhighway through the fatty cell membrane and allow it to cross the blood brain barrier. When these drugs are inside cells they can grab any available magnesium and keep it from taking part in the 700-800 enzyme systems that keep the body functioning properly

I’ve also speculated that the fluoride in these drugs binds with magnesium making an insoluble and brittle substance, MgF2, that deposits in bones and tendons. That, to me, might explain why tendons rupture. By either mechanism magnesium is depleted in the body leading to a whole host of symptoms and diseases, including DM. Medications also put a strain on the liver’s detoxification system that uses up more magnesium. A vicious cycle ensues when muscle and tendon pain caused by the drug creates stress in the body and the loss of more magnesium.

A lot of my clients with Cipro poisoning had an existing magnesium deficiency (due to the many reasons that I write about in my books). The first symptoms they experience are tight muscles and cramping. Therefore the further depletion of magnesium with Cipro hits them harder than someone who has some magnesium stores. That explains why not everyone who takes fluoroquinolone drugs gets magnesium deficiency side effects.

What’s my solution?

1. Learn how to treat minor conditions yourself with natural methods so you don’t end up on antibiotics unnecessarily. My Future Health Now Encyclopedia covers over 130 diseases with natural remedies.

2. Make sure your magnesium levels are optimum so you can deal with magnesium deficiency situations. Dr. Telfer is concerned that the effects of fluoroquinolones are cumulative and that these chemicals are also accumulating in the food supply. Get your Magnesium RBC blood test done twice a year. You can order it without a doctor’s prescription from Request A Test. It costs $49.00 and your results will be ready within 72 hours. The only catch is in the interpretation of the test. The range of the population, which is already 80% magnesium deficient, is 4.2-6.8mg/dL but you want to be optimum at 6.0-6.5mg/dL. Lately clients have told me the range has dropped to 3.8-5.8mg/dL. This means the population is getting even more deficient and doctors will say that 6.0-6.5mg/dL is too high, which is not true. I, personally, would still maintain my levels above 6.0mg/dL to achieve optimum health.

3. Take ReMag and ReMyte for necessary minerals building blocks; ReAline to detox heavy metals, chemicals and drugs (that we get from our air, food and water); and RnA Drops to make perfect cells! Your best defense is to stay healthy.

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