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Dying to Detox

July 29, 2014

Detox seems to be the topic of week. Several people wrote to say that my glutathionine precursor – ReAline –is proving to be a very gentle and safe detox for them. One woman said she was feeling ungrounded and I told her to take an extra capsule of ReAline, which helped immediately. On my radio show, a listener commented that ReAline helps to metabolize alcohol. After 4 drinks her breathalyzer alcohol levels were much less than they should have been and her head was clear.

ReAline has methylated B vitamins and two sulfur amino acids dl-methionine and l-taurine. Methionine is a direct precursor to glutathione, which means the body can make it’s own glutathione when required. You can learn the many benefits of taurine from a Powerpoint presentation by Dr. Stephanie Seneff. ReAline was introduced to help “take out the trash” to get the body ready for the perfect cells being made by the RnA Drops. However, it is a stand-alone heavy metal and chemical detox.

ReAline works well with ReMag (magnesium) and ReMyte (multiple minerals). These minerals are picometer in size and they are 100% absorbed at the cellular level. When they inhabit the cell they will kick out heavy metals and chemicals that shouldn’t be there. ReAline helps detox the heavy metals and chemicals that are being dumped from cells eliminating the detox reactions that could be taking place.

In the past I’ve focused on external detoxification to avoid detox reactions. I have concerns about intestinal purges, liver detoxing and gall bladder flushes. They can cause a lot of flushing of minerals from the body with greatly increased bowel movements and urination. Liver detoxing can release viruses sequestered in the liver before the immune system is ready to handle them.

The external detox I recommend include: magnesium and clay baths, coffee enemas, castor oil packs. You can read about them in the following blogs:
Keep on DetoxingToo Toxic to DetoxTime for a Coffee…Enema. I’ve also put a great deal of detox advice in my 2-year Completement Now Online Wellness Program.

Unfortunately people just don’t seem to have the time or the energy to detox or to even read a weekly health module, let alone implement the healing strategies that I recommend. That’s why I recommend ReAline as a safe and gentle detox in capsule form. I began offering all the Total Body ReSet formulas because people kept asking for something effective that is easy to take that will make them feel better. When you feel better you will have the energy and incentive to do even more for your health.

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